Canyon Mountain Bikes


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Canyon Mountain Bikes

Canyon likes defying labels. The bikes they make are light, stiff, and affordable for their class. Canyon mountain bikes go beyond their classifications, allowing you to ride a greater variety of trails with no sactifice to performance. 


Knowing Canyon's build specs is to know how they name the bikes. Their protocol generally starts with CFR=Canyon Factory Racing, aka their pro line. Below, their hierarchy is: CF SLX, CF SL, CF, and AL. CF is carbon-fiber, AL is aluminum. WMN means women’s-specific geometry. And then they put a number at the end to signify where it is within the range, so a number from 5 to 9, like Neuron 6, is often at the end of a name. 5 is entry level, 9 is top-of-the-line. ON means e-bike



Canyon Spectral


Canyon has three enduro bikes: Spectral, Strive, and Torque. Canyon's enduro bikes come in 29”, 27.5”, and mullet variants. The Spectral and Torque also have e-bike versions. The Spectral 29 might be the most versatile. Designed to be a playful ride that defies easy labeling: 160mm front, 150mm rear suspension, but still climbs well and transforms hard pedaling into speed.



Canyon Neuron


Trail bikes for Canyon mean both full-suspension and hardtail. The Grand Canyon and Stoic are hardtails, the Neuron and Spectral 125 full-suspension. Neuron has 140/130mm front/rear travel, and rolls on 29" wheels for the M-XL sizes and 27.5” wheels for XS-S. The highlight is the Triple Phase Suspension with size-specific tuning. Supple for the small bumps, stable in the mid-range, and has a progressive ramp for the biggest hits.



Canyon Lux


For cross-country, Canyon features the Exceed hardtail, Grand Canyon for those looking for greater range, and Lux is the World Championship killer. Lux is light and stiff, helped along by a pivotless rear. The 100mm rear suspension starts out stiff, ideal for racing and then becomes plush as it’s activated. The fork has 100mm of travel unless you go with the Trail version, which bumps it up to 120/110mm front/rear for the rowdier trail rides. 

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