BH Bikes

BH Bikes

BH Bicycles is a legacy of Spanish road bikes that started with guns first. (Really!) Now, it owns the likes of Bianchi and Peugeot Cycles, and makes carbon mountain, road, and e-bikes. 

BH Road Bikes 

BH road bikes were core to the peloton since the 1930s and show no signs of slowing down. These high-performance carbon bikes have everything going for them: history, tech, and absolutely stylish designs. The 750-gram BH Ultralight bike and minimalist BH SL1 endurance bike look great and ride even better. 

BH Mountain Bikes 

BH mountain bikes began as race bikes and evolved to slack, fun trail bikes with long reach and incredible versatility. The commitment to modern riders has inspired cool innovations that most big companies would shy away from. BH even has a suspension drop bar bike, so you can go for any adventure. 

BH E-Bikes 

BH e-bikes are designed to ride like normal bikes, but faster and further. Batteries are cleverly hidden in the frame and their selection of models and motors means endless options.