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Arundel Bike Components & Accessories For Sale

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Arundel components like to keep it simple: make cool bike parts that people want to buy. Dialing your cage and bag isn’t a given, so if you want a cheat sheet, look no further than Arundel. 

Arundel Cages 

Arundel bottle cages look stunningly beautiful, holding both your hydration and your onlookers’ attention. Lightweight carbon never loses its spring or needs to be bent back, making Arundel cages the clear choice for your dream bike. 

Arundel Bar Tape 

Bar tape isn’t just bar tape. It’s where the body meets the bike, and your preference should rule. Arundel bar tape comes in different textures and weights, making it easy to find your fit. 

Arundel Bags 

From the mini Uno saddle pack to the Handlebar Czar handlebar bag, Arundel bike bags look positively fantastic. Quality materials and construction is a big draw, including water-resistant seams.