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X01 Drivetrain

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Upgrade your bike's drivetrain with the high-performance X01 components. The X01 drivetrain offers precision shifting, durability, and lightweight construction, making it the perfect choice for avid cyclists and racers. With features like 11 or 12-speed options, wide gear ranges, and smooth shifting, the X01 drivetrain ensures optimal performance on any terrain. Whether you're tackling steep climbs or flying down descents, the X01 drivetrain delivers reliable and consistent performance, allowing you to focus on the ride ahead. Explore our selection of X01 drivetrain components and take your cycling experience to the next level.

Shifter and Crankset

The X01 drivetrain includes a range of high-quality shifters and cranksets designed to enhance your cycling experience. The right/rear shifter provides precise and effortless shifting, allowing you to quickly and smoothly change gears. The transmission crankset offers excellent power transfer and durability, ensuring efficient pedaling and long-lasting performance. With the X01 shifter and crankset, you can expect reliable and consistent performance on every ride.

Cassette and Groupset

Experience smooth and efficient gear changes with the X01 cassette. The XG-1295 cassette features a wide gear range and 12-speed options, allowing you to tackle any terrain with ease. The X0 Eagle T-Type AXS transmission groupset combines the cassette, shifter, and derailleur for a complete drivetrain solution. With the X01 cassette and groupset, you'll enjoy precise shifting, durability, and optimal performance on your rides.

Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your bike to the cutting-edge technology of the X01 Eagle AXS system. The X01 Eagle AXS upgrade kit includes a wireless electronic shifter and derailleur, providing effortless and precise shifting. With the AXS upgrade kit, you can experience seamless and intuitive shifting, eliminating the need for cables and enhancing your overall riding experience. Take your bike to the next level with the X01 Eagle AXS upgrade kit.