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Wolf Tooth Adapter

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Discover a wide range of Wolf Tooth adapters designed to enhance your cycling experience. These adapters are engineered with precision and quality to provide seamless compatibility and improved functionality. Whether you need to upgrade your bottle cage setup, adjust your headset crown race, or mount accessories securely, Wolf Tooth has the perfect adapter for you. With features like durable construction, easy installation, and versatile compatibility, these adapters are a must-have for any cyclist looking to optimize their bike's performance. Explore the Wolf Tooth adapter collection and take your cycling setup to the next level.

Bottle Cage Adapters

Wolf Tooth's bottle cage adapters are designed to expand your bike's storage options. These adapters allow you to add an extra bottle cage or attach other accessories to your frame, maximizing your carrying capacity. With a secure and reliable attachment, you can confidently bring along more hydration or gear on your rides. Whether you're a long-distance cyclist or an adventure seeker, these bottle cage adapters offer the flexibility you need to stay hydrated and prepared on the road or trail.

Headset Crown Race Adapters

Upgrade your headset setup with Wolf Tooth's crown race adapters. These adapters enable you to convert your 1 1/8" steerer tube to fit a 1 1/2" bearing cup, providing improved compatibility and performance. With a precise fit and durable construction, these crown race adapters ensure smooth steering and enhanced stability. Whether you're seeking to optimize your bike's handling or accommodate a new fork, these headset crown race adapters are an essential component for any cyclist looking to fine-tune their ride.

Mounting Base Adapters

Wolf Tooth's mounting base adapters offer a versatile solution for attaching accessories to your bike. With options like 3-slot and 4-slot base mounts, these adapters provide a secure and customizable platform for mounting gear, such as lights, GPS devices, or cameras. Whether you're a commuter, a bikepacker, or an avid adventurer, these mounting base adapters allow you to easily and securely attach your essential accessories, enhancing your cycling experience and ensuring you're prepared for any journey.