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Touring Bike Handlebar

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Upgrade your touring bike handlebar for a more comfortable and efficient ride. Touring bike handlebars are designed to provide a relaxed and ergonomic riding position, allowing you to ride for longer distances without discomfort. With a variety of options available, you can find the perfect handlebar to suit your riding style and preferences. Whether you prefer a traditional drop bar for a more aerodynamic position, a flat bar for a more upright riding posture, or a flared bar for added stability and control, there is a touring bike handlebar that will enhance your cycling experience. Explore our selection of touring bike handlebars and find the perfect fit for your next adventure.

Drop Handlebars

Drop handlebars are a popular choice for touring bikes, offering multiple hand positions for long rides. These handlebars have a downward curve that allows you to grip the lower part for a more aerodynamic position, reducing wind resistance and increasing speed. The top part of the drop handlebar provides a comfortable position for climbing or cruising. With a variety of widths and shapes available, you can find the perfect drop handlebar to match your riding style and body proportions.

Flat Handlebars

Flat handlebars are a great option for touring bikes, providing a more upright riding position for increased comfort and visibility. These handlebars are typically wider and offer a straight grip, allowing you to have a more relaxed posture while riding. Flat handlebars are ideal for riders who prefer a more casual and leisurely touring experience, as they provide a stable and comfortable grip for long hours on the bike.

Flared Handlebars

Flared handlebars, also known as gravel or adventure handlebars, are designed to provide added stability and control on rough terrain. These handlebars have a wider flare towards the drops, allowing for a wider hand position and more control when navigating off-road or uneven surfaces. Flared handlebars are a popular choice for touring bikes that venture off the beaten path, as they provide a comfortable and secure grip in challenging conditions.