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Shimano Grx 11 Speed

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Upgrade your cycling experience with the Shimano GRX 11-speed components. Designed for smooth and precise shifting, these components are perfect for road and gravel riders looking for reliable performance. With a wide range of options, including rear derailleurs, cranksets, and shifters, the Shimano GRX 11-speed series offers versatility and durability. Whether you're tackling steep climbs or navigating rough terrain, these components will help you conquer any challenge. Explore the Shimano GRX 11-speed category and find the perfect components to enhance your ride.

Rear Derailleurs

The Shimano GRX 11-speed rear derailleurs are engineered for precise and efficient shifting. With features like Shadow Plus technology and long cage options, these derailleurs provide excellent chain retention and smooth gear changes. Whether you prefer a 1x or 2x setup, the Shimano GRX rear derailleurs deliver reliable performance on any terrain.


Choose from a variety of Shimano GRX 11-speed cranksets to optimize your pedaling efficiency. With options for different chainring sizes and crank arm lengths, these cranksets offer versatility for road and gravel riding. Constructed with durable materials, the Shimano GRX cranksets provide reliable power transfer and smooth shifting.


Experience precise and responsive shifting with the Shimano GRX 11-speed shifters. Designed for road riding, these shifters offer quick and effortless gear changes. With options for both right/rear and left/front shifters, you can customize your setup for optimal control and comfort. Upgrade your bike with the Shimano GRX 11-speed shifters and enjoy a seamless shifting experience.