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Road Brake Pads

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Upgrade your road bike's braking performance with high-quality road brake pads. Designed specifically for use on road bikes, these brake pads offer superior stopping power, excellent modulation, and durability. Whether you're riding on carbon rims or aluminum rims, there are brake pads available to suit your needs. With advanced materials and innovative designs, these brake pads provide reliable and consistent braking in all weather conditions. Choose from a variety of options, including organic or sintered compounds, to find the perfect brake pads for your road bike. Improve your braking confidence and enjoy a safer and more enjoyable ride with road brake pads.

Carbon Rim Brake Pads

Carbon rim brake pads are specifically designed for use with carbon rims to provide optimal braking performance. These pads are made from special compounds that offer excellent stopping power without damaging the delicate carbon surface. They are also designed to dissipate heat effectively, preventing overheating and maintaining consistent braking performance even on long descents. With their precise fit and superior braking performance, carbon rim brake pads are a must-have for road cyclists who ride on carbon rims.

Aluminum Rim Brake Pads

Aluminum rim brake pads are designed for use with aluminum rims and offer excellent braking performance and durability. These pads are made from high-quality materials that provide reliable stopping power in both wet and dry conditions. They are also designed to minimize wear on the rim, ensuring a longer lifespan for your wheels. With their consistent and predictable braking performance, aluminum rim brake pads are a popular choice among road cyclists.

Organic or Sintered Brake Pads

When choosing road brake pads, you have the option of organic or sintered compounds. Organic brake pads are made from a mixture of organic materials and provide excellent modulation and low noise levels. They are ideal for riders who prioritize a quiet and smooth braking experience. Sintered brake pads, on the other hand, are made from a metallic compound and offer superior stopping power and durability. They are a great choice for riders who demand maximum braking performance, especially in wet or muddy conditions. Whether you prefer organic or sintered brake pads, you can find the perfect option for your road bike.