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Gravel Bike Handlebars

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Gravel bike handlebars are designed to provide optimal control and comfort while riding on rough and unpredictable terrain. These handlebars are specifically engineered to enhance your off-road riding experience, allowing you to tackle gravel roads, dirt trails, and even singletrack with confidence. With a variety of options available, gravel bike handlebars come in different materials, shapes, and widths to suit your preferences and riding style. Whether you prefer a wider flare for added stability, a more compact design for better control, or a specific material for lightweight performance, you can find the perfect gravel bike handlebars to enhance your riding experience.

Flared Handlebars

Flared handlebars are a popular choice for gravel bike riders due to their wider stance and increased stability. These handlebars feature a gradual flare towards the drops, providing a wider hand position that offers better control and stability when navigating challenging terrain. The flared design also allows for more comfortable wrist and hand positioning, reducing fatigue during long rides. Whether you're tackling technical descents or riding on loose gravel, flared handlebars are a great option to enhance your control and confidence on the trails.

Dropped Handlebars

Dropped handlebars are a classic choice for gravel bike riders who prioritize aerodynamics and a more aggressive riding position. These handlebars feature a downward curve in the drops, allowing riders to achieve a lower and more streamlined position for increased speed and efficiency. While dropped handlebars may not provide the same level of stability as flared handlebars, they offer a more aggressive riding stance that is well-suited for fast-paced gravel riding and racing. If you're looking to maximize your speed and performance on gravel roads, dropped handlebars are a great option to consider.

Wide Handlebars

Wide handlebars are favored by many gravel bike riders for their increased leverage and control. These handlebars typically have a wider width compared to traditional road handlebars, providing riders with a more stable and confident grip. The wider stance allows for better maneuverability and control when navigating technical terrain, making them an excellent choice for off-road adventures. Additionally, wide handlebars can also provide more space for accessories such as lights, GPS devices, and bags. If you're seeking enhanced control and stability on your gravel bike, wide handlebars are a fantastic option to consider.