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Garmin Rearview Radar

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Garmin rearview radar systems provide cyclists with an added layer of safety by alerting them to vehicles approaching from behind. These innovative devices use radar technology to detect approaching vehicles and notify the cyclist through visual and audible alerts. With a variety of models available, cyclists can choose from rearview radar systems that include additional features such as integrated tail lights or even a built-in camera. Whether you're a commuter, road cyclist, or e-bike rider, Garmin rearview radar systems are designed to enhance your visibility and help you stay safe on the road.

Rearview Radar with Tail Light

Garmin rearview radar systems with integrated tail lights offer cyclists a convenient and space-saving solution. These devices not only provide the benefits of rearview radar technology but also include a bright tail light to enhance visibility. With adjustable light modes and brightness levels, these rearview radar systems with tail lights ensure that you can be seen by motorists, day or night. Stay aware of approaching vehicles while also increasing your visibility on the road with a Garmin rearview radar system with a built-in tail light.

E-Bike Radar and Rear Light

Designed specifically for e-bike riders, Garmin e-bike radar systems combine rearview radar technology with a powerful rear light. These systems are optimized for the unique needs of e-bike riders, providing enhanced safety and visibility. With the ability to detect vehicles approaching from behind and a bright rear light that can be seen from a distance, Garmin e-bike radar systems help e-bike riders navigate traffic with confidence. Stay aware of your surroundings and make your presence known on the road with a Garmin e-bike radar system.

Bike Radar with Camera and Tail Light

For cyclists who want even more advanced features, Garmin offers rearview radar systems with a built-in camera and tail light. These innovative devices not only detect approaching vehicles but also capture video footage of your ride. The integrated tail light ensures that you're visible to motorists, while the camera provides an extra layer of protection by recording your ride. With features like incident detection and compatibility with Garmin's cycling safety accessories, these bike radar systems with cameras and tail lights are the ultimate safety companion for any cyclist.