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Drivetrain Conversion Kit

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Upgrade your bike's drivetrain with a high-quality drivetrain conversion kit. These kits are designed to provide smooth and efficient shifting, improved performance, and increased durability. Whether you're converting to a single speed setup or upgrading to a different crankset, these conversion kits offer the necessary components to make the switch. With options for different hub types, chainring sizes, and compatibility with various cranksets, you can find the perfect kit to suit your needs. Invest in a drivetrain conversion kit and take your cycling experience to the next level.

Single Speed Conversion Kits

Single speed conversion kits are ideal for riders looking to simplify their drivetrain and enjoy the benefits of a single gear setup. These kits typically include a cog, spacers, and a chain tensioner to ensure proper chain tension. With a single speed conversion kit, you can experience a more direct power transfer, reduced maintenance, and a cleaner aesthetic. Whether you're commuting, riding on flat terrain, or seeking a new challenge, a single speed conversion kit is a great option.

Crankset Conversion Kits

Crankset conversion kits allow you to upgrade your bike's crankset to improve performance and meet your specific riding needs. These kits often include adapters, chainrings, and other necessary components for a seamless conversion. Whether you're looking to switch to a different brand or model of crankset, or you want to change the gear ratios for better climbing or speed, a crankset conversion kit provides the flexibility to customize your drivetrain. Upgrade your bike's crankset and enjoy smoother shifting, increased power transfer, and enhanced overall performance.

Adaptors and Accessories

In addition to single speed and crankset conversion kits, there are various adaptors and accessories available to further customize your drivetrain. Adaptors allow you to use different cranksets or bottom brackets, ensuring compatibility and versatility. Other accessories, such as chainrings and chain tensioners, provide additional options for fine-tuning your drivetrain setup. Explore the range of adaptors and accessories available and find the perfect components to optimize your bike's drivetrain.