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Di2 Cockpit Junction Box

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Upgrade your bike's electronic shifting system with a high-quality di2 cockpit junction box. These junction boxes are essential components that connect and manage the various wires and cables in your di2 system. With multiple ports and options for internal or external wire routing, these junction boxes provide a clean and organized setup for your cockpit. Designed for seamless integration and reliable performance, these di2 cockpit junction boxes are compatible with a range of di2 components. Choose from different port configurations and installation options to find the perfect junction box for your bike's di2 system.

5 Port Junction Box

A 5 port di2 cockpit junction box offers maximum versatility and connectivity for your di2 system. With five ports, you can easily connect multiple components, such as shifters, derailleurs, and battery, ensuring smooth and precise shifting. This junction box is ideal for riders who want a comprehensive di2 setup with multiple options for customization and expansion. Whether you're a road cyclist or a mountain biker, a 5 port junction box provides the flexibility you need for optimal performance on any terrain.

3 Port Junction Box

A 3 port di2 cockpit junction box is a compact and efficient solution for riders who prefer a simpler di2 setup. With three ports, you can connect essential components like shifters and derailleurs, ensuring reliable and responsive shifting. This junction box is perfect for riders who prioritize a clean and minimalist cockpit without compromising on performance. Whether you're a competitive racer or a recreational rider, a 3 port junction box offers the functionality you need for smooth and efficient shifting.

Internal and External Wire Routing

Di2 cockpit junction boxes are available in both internal and external wire routing options. Internal junction boxes are designed to be installed inside the frame, providing a sleek and aerodynamic appearance. This setup is ideal for riders who want a clean and clutter-free cockpit. On the other hand, external junction boxes are mounted externally on the frame, allowing for easier access and maintenance. This setup is suitable for riders who prioritize convenience and accessibility. Whether you choose internal or external wire routing, these di2 cockpit junction boxes ensure optimal performance and reliability for your electronic shifting system.