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Cycling Coat

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Stay warm and protected on your cycling adventures with a high-quality cycling coat. Designed specifically for cyclists, these coats offer features that enhance your performance and keep you comfortable in various weather conditions. From lightweight gilets to wind jackets and waterproof options, there is a cycling coat to suit every rider's needs. With advanced materials and construction, these coats provide insulation, breathability, and protection from wind and rain. Whether you're a casual rider or a competitive cyclist, investing in a reliable cycling coat will ensure you can enjoy your rides year-round.

Lightweight Gilets

Lightweight gilets are perfect for those in-between weather days when you need a little extra protection without overheating. These sleeveless coats are designed to be windproof and water-resistant, providing a barrier against the elements while allowing for breathability. With a slim fit and minimal bulk, gilets are easy to pack and carry, making them a versatile addition to your cycling wardrobe. Whether you're riding in cool mornings or descending fast on a chilly mountain pass, a lightweight gilet will keep your core warm and comfortable.

Wind Jackets

Wind jackets are essential for riders who frequently face gusty conditions. These jackets are made from lightweight, windproof materials that block out the chill while allowing moisture to escape. With a close-fitting design and stretchy fabrics, wind jackets offer excellent aerodynamics and freedom of movement. Many wind jackets also feature reflective elements for enhanced visibility during low-light conditions. Whether you're racing against the wind or cruising on a breezy day, a wind jacket will keep you protected and focused on the road ahead.

Waterproof Cycling Jackets

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, a waterproof cycling jacket is your best friend. These jackets are constructed with waterproof and breathable materials, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable even in heavy rain. With features like sealed seams, adjustable hoods, and storm flaps, waterproof jackets provide maximum protection against the elements. Some jackets also offer additional insulation for colder rides. Whether you're commuting in the rain or tackling a wet trail, a waterproof cycling jacket will keep you dry and ready to conquer any weather conditions.