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Brake Caliper Parts

Bikes are meant
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Find a wide selection of high-quality brake caliper parts for your bike at The Pro's Closet. Whether you're in need of replacement parts or looking to upgrade your current setup, we have you covered. Our brake caliper parts offer durability, reliability, and exceptional performance, ensuring your brakes work flawlessly when you need them most. From hydraulic brake calipers to stainless steel mounting hardware, we carry a range of options to suit your specific needs. Shop now and get your bike ready for the road or trail with top-notch brake caliper parts.

Hydraulic Brake Calipers

Upgrade your braking system with our selection of hydraulic brake calipers. Designed for optimal stopping power and precision, these calipers provide consistent and reliable performance in all conditions. With advanced features such as adjustable reach and modulation, you can fine-tune your braking experience to suit your riding style. Whether you're a casual rider or a professional cyclist, our hydraulic brake calipers will enhance your bike's braking performance and give you the confidence to tackle any terrain.

Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware

Ensure a secure and stable brake caliper installation with our stainless steel mounting hardware. Made from durable materials, these hardware components offer excellent strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring they can withstand the demands of intense riding. With precise fit and easy installation, our stainless steel mounting hardware provides a solid foundation for your brake calipers, allowing for optimal brake performance and safety on the road or trail.

Front & Rear Brake Caliper Sets

Upgrade your entire braking system with our front and rear brake caliper sets. These sets include both front and rear calipers, providing a complete solution for improving your bike's stopping power. With options like direct mount and flat mount calipers, you can choose the set that best fits your bike's frame and fork. Our front and rear brake caliper sets are designed to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and durability, giving you the confidence to push your limits on every ride.