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12 Speed Wheelset

Bikes are meant
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Upgrade your bike with a high-performance 12-speed wheelset for improved speed, efficiency, and control. These wheelsets are designed to handle the demands of modern cycling, offering lightweight construction, aerodynamic profiles, and durable materials. With a 12-speed setup, you'll have a wide range of gearing options to tackle any terrain, from steep climbs to fast descents. Whether you're a competitive racer or a recreational rider, a 12-speed wheelset will enhance your cycling experience and help you reach new levels of performance.

Carbon Construction

These 12-speed wheelsets feature carbon construction, providing a winning combination of strength, stiffness, and lightness. Carbon fiber is known for its excellent power transfer, allowing you to maximize your pedaling efficiency. The lightweight nature of carbon also reduces rotational weight, resulting in faster acceleration and improved climbing ability. Additionally, carbon wheels absorb road vibrations, enhancing comfort and reducing fatigue during long rides.

Tubeless Ready

Enjoy the benefits of tubeless technology with these 12-speed wheelsets. Tubeless tires offer lower rolling resistance, improved traction, and enhanced puncture resistance compared to traditional clincher tires. By eliminating the inner tube, you can run lower tire pressures for a smoother ride and better grip on rough surfaces. Tubeless setups are also less prone to flats, allowing you to ride with confidence and peace of mind.

Powershift Set

Each wheelset comes with a 12-speed Powershift set, offering a range of gear ratios to suit your riding style and terrain. With options like 11-40T, 11-34T, 11-32T, and 11-30T, you can find the perfect combination for your needs. The Powershift set ensures smooth and precise shifting, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly change gears while maintaining momentum. Whether you're tackling steep climbs or sprinting on the flats, the Powershift set provides reliable and consistent performance.