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Unpack This: Giro's Top-of-the-Line Road & Gravel Helmets

Giro's top-of-the-line road and gravel helmets use MIPS Spherical Technology, which helps redirect impact forces away from the brain by allowing the outer liner to rotate. We compare the Eclipse, Aires, and Helios, to find out what's new with Giro's line-up.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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The Best Giro Road & Gravel Helmets

Giro Aires Spherical

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The Aires is Giro’s newest flagship helmet focused on low weight and maximum ventilation. To maximize airflow it uses an AURA II Reinforcement Arch. These shatter-resistant, translucent twin bridges run throughout the helmet, providing structural integrity and amazing airflow without adding unnecessary weight. The Spherical Technology uses a unique ball-and-socket design that improves comfort and airflow while also being rated number 1 in Virginia Tech’s independent helmet testing.

Giro Eclipse Spherical

The new Eclipse is Giro’s fastest aero helmet. It’s been refined in the wind tunnel to be 60 seconds faster than the outgoing Vanquish (over 100 miles at 25 mph). But it’s not all about speed. Ventilation has also been improved with new vents and internal channeling so the Eclipse is nearly as cool as Giro’s old Aether, a non-aero ventilated helmet. Spherical Technology means it’s also one of the safest aero helmets around.  

Giro Helios Spherical

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The Helios puts Spherical Technology into a classic helmet design built with 15 Wind Tunnel vents that provide exceptional cooling power. While the Aires is still the most ventilated option, the Helios isn’t far behind, and it matches the Aires in terms of weight for $50 less. It's the ideal match for any road and gravel adventure.

Giro Synthe II MIPS

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The Synthe II is Giro’s former flagship helmet designed to create the ideal compromise between ventilation and aerodynamics. Instead of Spherical Technology, it uses a traditional MIPS liner, which isn't as refined, but it provides similar safety without the extra cost. The styling is (in my opinion) classic, and it's remains in the line-up since it's an aesthetic that many modern riders still love. 

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