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The Specialized bikes we ride

Specialized bikes sit at the top of the food chain. Bikes like the Enduro, Stumpjumper, Epic, Diverge, and Allez are shop favorites. Check out the Specialized road, gravel, and mountain bikes that our employees choose to ride.

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Specialized bikes sit at the top of the food chain. When it comes to our bike sales data, Specialized dominates all major bike categories. Whether it is road racing, gravel adventuring, cross-country mountain biking, enduro, or anything else, Specialized makes a bike for every type of rider. Plus, used Specialized bikes tend to command higher resale values than other brands. 

Here at The Pro's Closet, our employees are spoiled for choice. We sell bikes from every major manufacturer. For our personal bikes, we can choose nearly any brand and model we like. So, it's pretty meaningful that a number of people on our team choose Specialized bikes. Let's take a look at some of the bikes that are in the TPC employee rack and hear from the riders about what they like and why. 

S-Works Ruby and Diverge Sport

Used Specialized Ruby Diverge road gravel bikeRider: Amy Parulis, Shipping Assistant Manager

Bike: 2016 Specialized S-Works Ruby, 2019 Specialized Diverge Sport

Amy cares about the details. That's why she's in charge of making sure every bike shipped from The Pro's Closet is perfectly packed. Few riders are as stoked as her when it comes to joining group rides, exploring new roads, and taking on tough races. She is the proud owner of two Specialized bikes that have taken her on long-distance adventures on the East Coast and high into the Colorado mountains. 

"I use Lola (the S-Works Ruby) for road riding. Her name is Lola because she is a showgirl. I'm not a fast rider at all but I've got a cool bike. Lola gets lots of compliments so it's always cool to ride her. I got the Diverge though to get deeper into gravel riding! There are so many gravel roads out here in Colorado that have way less cars. It's nice to feel off the beaten track. I'm also able to do more gravel races now. I'm signed up for Dirty Kanza 100, Robidoux Quick and Dirty, and SBT GRVL.

"Lola replaced my previous non-S-Works Ruby. Once I got such an awesome frame I needed to start upgrading my components to match the frame. A set of ENVE wheels and stem were first. Then I bought my Diverge from The Pro's Closet! She's about to get an ENVE stem and handlebars too to get her ready for DK100."

Enduro Comp 27.5

Used Specialized Enduro Comp 27.5 mountain bikeRider: Clint Hobbs, Master Technician

Bike: 2019 Specialized Enduro Comp 27.5

Few personalities in our shop are as big as Clint's, and the eye-catching colors of his Specialized Enduro reflect his exuberance perfectly. Clint is a connoisseur of shred, and he's always stoked, whether it's on a bike or a snowboard. He's not afraid to throw 360s, catch big air, and let it all hang out. Don't worry though, with his mechanical skills, he can fix anything he breaks. 

"It's all about that enduro life. I chose this bike because I'm allergic to carbon and needed something that would put up with the abuse of bike park riding. My favorite things are that it has a threaded bottom bracket and that it's not carbon! I ran into a guard rail once (long story). I only scratched the head tube and all else was good to go!"

Stumpjumper Expert 29

Used Specialized Stumpjumper Expert 29 mountain bikeRider: Maggie John, Customer Experience Manager

Bike: 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper Expert

Maggie laughs at fear. She throws her body and bike down double-black downhill trails with speed and precision. She buries herself for V02 max intervals and doesn't hold back on the climbs. And at the end of the ride, she'll probably be waiting for you at the car, nice as can be. Along the way, she probably stopped somewhere to examine an interesting geological formation or a cool salamander. 

"This bike goes on 70-mile XC rides and to downhill bike parks. It really can do it all! It's been my go-to tool for physical and mental health since I got it. This was my first new bike purchase (and my first full squish) since my XC hardtail and it's been a gamechanger. I chose it for a variety of reasons, but I must admit that the color was one of them. I like the Stumpjumper because it fits really well and is perfectly suited to the mix of riding I wanted to do. The most utilized feature is the S.W.A.T. box, mostly for Sour Patch Kids."

Vintage Stumpjumper Sport

Used Vintage 1983 Specialized Stumpjumper Sport Mountain bikeRider: Spencer Powlison, Content Marketing Manager

Bike: 1983 Specialized Stumpjumper Sport

Spencer embodies speed. Look at The Pro's Closet Strava group and you'll see him at the top of the leaderboards. And he's fast on any type of bike. Put him on a road bike and he'll drop you up the next climb. Put him on a mountain bike and he'll beat you on the downhill. Put him on a moto — well, he might break his wrist — but he'll be going pretty fast when it happens. Even aboard a museum relic, there's no slowing him down. 

"Since I was a teenager working in a Specialized shop, I always drooled over Stumpjumpers. A few years ago I had a hankering for a vintage mountain bike, and I found this one on eBay. It seemed like destiny since it was born the same year as me. I love its simplicity, relaxed handling, and understated style.

"Everyone is probably sick of me telling this story, but I rode the 2018 Leadville Trail 100 on this bike, and it turned out to be one of the best days I've ever had on a bike. People were stoked to see a vintage bike on the trails. It really wasn't that huge of a disadvantage. The weather was perfect. I even avoided getting a flat tire ... that is until the front tube finally burst in my hotel room the night after the race."

Diverge Comp

Used Specialized Diverge comp gravel bikeRider: Steve Gardner, Warehouse Manager 

Bike: 2017 Specialized Diverge Comp

Steve has the full, bushy beard and heavy flannels of a true mountain man. He's the guy you want with you when you're lost in the woods, short on food, with a broken derailleur and a life-threatening injury. He's always got plenty of spares, provisions, and emergency supplies. He's also committed to flat pedals, even on his drop-bar gravel bike. When he's exploring deep in the backcountry, hiking unrideable obstacles is always on the menu.  

"I use the Diverge for everything from road rides to long-distance exploration on off-road terrain. Before I bought the Diverge I already had an 'adventure bike' I built for bike packing. I needed something lighter-duty that would be more tolerable on paved roads. This bike fits the bill and it allows me to get miles in when the trails are muddy. Surprisingly, it has held its own on some pretty rugged trails and roads. It's my first-ever Specialized bike. I have really enjoyed the CG-R seatpost for smoothing out the ride."

S-Works Epic LTD and Allez Sprint Comp Disc

Used Specialized Epic mountain Allez Sprint disc road bikeRider: Pete Karinen, Master Technician

Bike: 2019 Specialized S-Works Epic LTD, 2019 Specialized Allez Sprint Comp Disc

Pete had an impressive pro racing career. He earned top results against the nation's best XC racers and he even got the opportunity to take on the world at the 2017 World Cup XCO finals in Val di Sole, Italy. Not only does he have a massive, world-class aerobic engine, but he has an unmatched affinity for the back wheel. He can wheelie any bike at any speed. If you go on a ride with him, be prepared to see some serious skills on display. 

"I can ride and race on pretty much any bike. I've ridden a lot throughout my career. There are really two things I look for. First, it has to feel light. When a bike feels too heavy and isn't agile enough, I don't feel like I can climb or race to my max potential. Second — and this is probably the more important thing — it has to work. It has to stand up to huge amounts of abuse and keep going. The Epic and the Allez are perfect. They make me feel light and fast. They're made to be raced hard."


Do you ride a Specialized bike? What's your bike of choice? Let us know in the comments!   

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