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FOX Factory Forks Review: 34 vs. 36 Mountain Bike Forks

By Bruce Lin

The FOX 34 and 36 Factory are both great forks with different strengths. We break down which one is right for you.

FOX 36 Float Factory Series
FOX 34 Float Factory Series 

FOX 34 Float Factory Series


  • Hey Kenny,

    Regarding the shock, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to change the stroke or travel in the rear without drastically altering the geometry or pushing the suspension beyond what it was designed to handle. When most people upsize forks, they leave the rear alone or go to a higher performance shock with the same stroke length. The DPX2 is fine and if I were you I’d just leave it. About the fork though, 160mm is a REALLY big fork to put on a 2020 Trance. I haven’t heard of anyone putting a fork that big on that bike. I don’t know how it will ride.

    Bruce Lin on

  • Hello, right now I have 2020 Trance 29er with a Fox 34 Perfomance Elite 130mm Fork and Fox DP2 115mm shock..I was thinking of going to a Fox 36 Factory 160mm fork by doing this do I need to up the travel to DP shock also?

    Kenny on

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