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Adventurous by Design: The 2024 Swift Campout Collection

Made to commemorate the annual Swift Campout celebrating the summer solstice, these limited edition bags and accessories feature beautiful artwork by Wyatt Hersey and are the perfect way to kick off a summer full of adventure. 

Written by: Bruce Lin

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June 22nd and 23rd, 2024 — Swift Industries is kicking off summer with its annual Swift Campout, a bikepacking overnighter celebrating the summer solstice. 

Lovingly hailed as the “dirtbag holiday of the year,” campers can organize their own Campout with friends or join one of the many established Navigator campouts around the world. TPC will host a Swift Campout here on the Colorado Front Range, so stay tuned for details!

For the Campout’s 10th year, Swift collaborated with artist Wyatt Hersey to create a special Campout Collection. This is the first year Swift has allowed dealers to carry this collection, and TPC is proud to be one of only a handful of dealers selected! 

Now is the time to get limited edition Swift gear and start planning your adventure under the stars. No matter how you get on board, make sure to sign up at, where the wild times kick off with highly educational content, giveaways, and a content contest with a prize pack full of this season’s Swift Campout gear. 

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The 2024 Swift Campout Collection

Swift Campout

A study in texture, the 2024 Swift Campout Collection pairs iconic fabrics from distinctive chapters in gear innovation. As playful as a summer day of hitting up local swim spots with your crew, the pops of color against sandy tones harken beach towels and bevvies loaded into bike baskets. To top it off, Wyatt Hersey’s dreamscape of earthlings basking in the summer glow adorn the entire collection. 

The 2024 Swift Campout Collection features bike bags, bandanas, T-shirts, mugs, and water bottles, all adorned with beautiful artwork by Wyatt Hersey. These are limited edition pieces, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. 

Read on to find out why we love Swift gear and snag yours while you can!


Swift Campout Catalyst Pack

Swift Campout Catalyst Bag

The 6L Catalyst Pack is Swift’s go-to mid-capacity gravel adventure bag. As someone riding a small frame with limited space, I love that it was designed for riders of all sizes. The compact dimensions allow it to fit perfectly on bikes with less clearance or narrow handlebars. 

Swift Campout Catalyst saddle bag

It works on the bars or under the saddle. 

Swift Campout catalyst

Best of all, the bags are made in Seattle, WA out of recycled and non-recycled materials.

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Swift Campout Sidekick Stem Pouch

Swift Campout Sidekick

You have no idea how useful stem pouches are until you start using one! They’re perfect for snacks, beverages, and any other small essentials. I reach into mine as habitually as a climber reaches into their chalk bag (maybe that’s where the idea came from?). 

Swift Campout Sidekick

The Sidekick Stem Pouch attaches securely to the nook between your bicycle stem and handlebars and the one-handed cord lock entry and closure keeps everything secure while allowing easy access while riding.

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Swift Campout Bandana

Swift Campout bandana

At Swift, they live by one rule: you can never have too many bandanas. 

Swift Campout bandana design

I’m not a bandana wearer, but sometimes I wish I was because they look stylish AF. The Campout Bandana is printed on soft, summer-weight cotton. It has endless utility and is perfect for your head, neck, or back pocket. 

It’s even beautiful enough to hang on a wall!

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Swift Campout T-Shirt

Swift Campout t-shirt

All my favorite T-shirts are bike T-shirts, and this is a fine one to add to the collection. It’s 100% cotton, of course, and it displays the Swift Campout artwork using a subtle monochromatic green print over a cream background — so classy. I’d wear this in the woods, at the gym, or to a (casual) outdoor wedding. 

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Swift Campout Camp Mug

Swift Campout mug

The Miir Camp Cup is the best mug ever. Not only is it perfect for camping trips, but I own several and use them at home almost every day. The TruEnamel coating gives you a smooth drinking surface while the vacuum-insulated stainless steel keeps your drink hot (or cold). The removable lid prevents spills, so I never worry about putting it near my laptop. 

Swift Campout mug colors

The Campout Miir Camp Cup comes in two lovely colors so you and a friend can keep track of whose is whose.

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Swift Campout Water Bottle

Swift Campout water bottle

A cyclist can never have enough water bottles. I consider Purist bottles the benchmark for cycling hydration because they’re BPA-free and use Purist technology to shield the inside of the bottle from any bad taste, mold, or staining.

Swift Campout bottle design

Plus, they’re the best bottle-shaped canvas for displaying Wyatt Hersey’s beautiful artwork. 

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About the Artist

Wyatt Hersey Swift Campout artist

Photo: Swift Industries

Wyatt Hersey is a visual storyteller who practices illustration, painting, design, and muralism. His background as a wildlife biologist and nature connection mentor informs his work as an artist. He believes in art as an essential expression of the goodness of humanity. 

Wyatt uses bright, simplified color palettes and a printmaker’s graphic sensibility to create striking and impactful work exploring relational ecology, deep ecology, and ecological consciousness while instilling a sense of playfulness, hope, mutualism, and vitality. He also loves bikes and gets out as often as he can to soothe his soul with the delicious sounds of crunching gravel and the smell of fresh air. 

Visit Wyatt Hersey’s Instagram page or website to see more of his work!

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