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Unpack This: 5DEV Makes Aerospace-Grade MTB Components

5DEV produces high-performance, high-precision CNC-machined mountain bike components using aerospace-grade aluminum and titanium. We take a closer look at 5DEV’s Trail/Enduro cranks, chainrings, and All Around pedals.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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5DEV isn’t your average component manufacturer. It is a division of 5th Axis, an engineering company that manufactures components for the military, aerospace, and medical industries. The founders happen to be avid mountain bikers, and they decided to apply their engineering expertise to produce a unique line of high-performance, high-precision CNC-machined mountain bike components.

All 5DEV components are manufactured in its state-of-the-art facility in San Diego, CA, on the same 5-axis CNC machines used to produce parts for SpaceX rockets and Mars landers. It uses aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum alloy and titanium so every product is as light and strong as possible. Let’s take a closer look at some of 5DEV’s most popular products.

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5DEV Trail/Enduro Cranks

[product-block handle="5dev-trail-enduro-crankset-29mm-dub-boost"/]

[product-block handle="5dev-trail-enduro-crankset-30mm-boost"/]

5DEV’s most recognizable product is its Trail/Enduro cranks. These 3-piece cranks are machined using AI-optimized design, which allowed 5DEV engineers to remove as much excess material as possible without compromising strength. These cranks weigh 525 grams but have the same durability and stiffness as much heavier 700+ gram DH cranks. They’re perfect for aggressive trail and enduro riding. The crank arm is super low profile, which reduces shoe rub and pedal strikes.

Trail/Enduro cranks are available with 30mm and DUB spindle options and come in raw and black colorways. There is also a limited edition Kash colorway which will match the Kashima coating used on Fox Factory suspension components. All Trail/Enduro cranks use SRAM’s 3-bolt direct-mount chainring standard.

[product-block handle="5dev-ltd-custom-shop-trail-enduro-cranks-30mm-boost-kash"/]

Road and gravel riders can get 5DEV durability too with the Road/Gravel version which uses SRAM’s 8-bolt chainring direct-mount chainring standard:

[product-block handle="5dev-road-gravel-crankset-29mm"/]

5DEV Classic and Oval Chainrings

[product-block handle="5dev-7075-classic-chainring-3mm-offset"/]

5DEV’s Classic chainrings are machined from aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum for maximum durability. They use SRAM’s 3-bolt direct mount standard and come in a large selection of anodized colors.

[product-block handle="5dev-7076-oval-12-chainring-30-tooth-3mm-offset"/]

There is also an oval chainring option for riders who want a bit of extra punch on climbs. It has fairly aggressive 12% ovality, to maximize power during the downstroke

[product-block handle="5dev-titanium-direct-mount-chainring"/]

For ultimate durability, 5DEV also offers titanium chainrings. These are double the price of the aluminum version, but are so durable they will last 3 times longer. 

5DEV All Around Pedals

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The 5DEV All Around Pedal gives riders a bit more freedom and a less locked-in feel. They’re ideal for riders who like to reposition their feet and make adjustments on the fly. You still have tons of grip when you need it, but more movement when you want it. The super thin profile provides extra clearance in chunky terrain, and adjustable and replaceable pins mean you can dial in the grip exactly how you want it. Just like the chainrings, they come in plenty of anodized colors to suit your style.

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