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2018 Mondraker Foxy Carbon R Review

The Mondraker Foxy Carbon R is a full carbon trail/enduro bike with some of the most progressive geometry available. With its extra long reach, it's a bike that's meant to be shocking, stable, and downhill focused.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Mondraker Foxy Mountain Bike

The Mondraker Foxy Carbon R is a full carbon trail/enduro bike with some of the most progressive geometry available. With its extra long reach, it's a bike that's meant to be shocking, stable, and downhill focused.

Mondraker Foxy Carbon R Highlights

  • Forward Geometry
  • Full Carbon Frame and Rear Triangle
  • 150mm Travel Front and Rear
  • RockShox Revelation RC Fork
  • RockShox Deluxe RL Debonair Shock
  • SRAM NX Drivetrain
  • Mavic XA Wheels

Mondraker Foxy Carbon R Details

Mondraker is a brand that is only just beginning to make its way into the US. Hailing from Spain, they’ve made a name for themselves in Europe with radically progressive geometry and avant-garde design. The hallmark of any Mondraker trail or enduro bike is what they have coined “Forward Geometry.” In a nutshell, this means that their bikes have a significantly longer reach and front center than the current norm. For example, Mondraker’s Medium Foxy has a reach of 480mm. This is comparable and in many cases even longer than the reach provided by large and x-large sizes from the majority of competing brands. The claimed advantage of this roominess at the front of the bike is increased stability at speed and a more central riding position on the bike for greater control. Long, low, and slack have been the buzzwords of the trail and enduro bike category for years now, and with bikes like the Foxy, Mondraker is taking this sort of geometry to the extreme.

Mondraker Foxy Mountain Bike

The Foxy Carbon R is Mondraker’s entry-level trail bike, with 150mm of travel front and rear. Suspension duties are handled by a RockShox Revelation fork and Deluxe shock. The drivetrain is SRAM’s entry-level NX 11 speed group. A Sunrace 11-46 cassette gives a little extra range and a lower climbing gear. Upgrading to the Carbon RR model will get you a GX Eagle 12 speed drivetrain and Fox suspension, but for riders who are curious about sampling Mondraker’s progressive geometry the Carbon R provides the same full carbon frame and rear triangle while retailing for significantly less. The 27.5” Mavic XA alloys are reliable trail wheels with an ample 30mm internal width. There is a 29er Foxy on the horizon for those who desire bigger wheels. A slack 66° head angle for descending and a steep 75° seat angle for climbing give the Foxy modern trail manners. Short stems are on trend and, again, Mondraker takes it to the extreme with what is currently the shortest stem available. Paired with the ample reach, this should give the Foxy exceptional control and stability through the steepest and roughest trails you dare ride.

Mondraker Foxy Mountain Bike

Rider Type

  • Progressive trail/enduro riders
  • Point and shoot, high-speed downhill riders
  • Frame upsizers

The Foxy Carbon R caters to a growing demographic of mountain bikers who value downhill prowess and see geometry as the foundation. As riders have discovered the benefits of longer reach paired with slack headtubes and low bottom brackets, they’ve driven the industry to respond by revising the geometry of their bike to suit rider tastes. But change often moves in incremental steps. Mondraker is one of only a few brands to have taken the leap into the deep end and provide a bike with geometry far ahead of the curve. The Foxy is shockingly long and you can feel the difference just sitting on it, and you especially notice the increases stability and confidence it provides when going warp speed down the trail. To some, it might be unwieldy, and only usable in extreme circumstances. But to those whose thirst for a longer bike, who’ve upsized their frames to get closer to the reach they desire, Mondraker’s entry into the US market is a joyous relief. If you are a rider interested in pushing the boundaries of design and testing the limits of your riding, the Foxy is a unique weapon that's worth considering.


Bruce is a writer who loves getting his bikes dirty, trying new tech, and riding tough trails that make him suffer for hours at a time.