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Vintage Bike Quiz: 1985 Velocitech Mountain Machine

By Spencer Powlison


What is this wacky looking bike?! The Velocitech Mountain Machine is arguably one of the most freakish bikes in our Bike Museum. With its mismatched wheel sizes, mega-rise handlebars and loooooong chain stays, it stands out from the more classic mountain bike designs of the '80s.

So what is behind this made-in-Colorado oddity?

Take our latest Vintage Bike Quiz to test your knowledge and learn a little more about this carbon fiber wonder-bike.


Need a better look at those photos? You can click the little "eyeball" button at the bottom of each quiz slide to hide or un-hide the options.

Once you're done, read the full museum entry for the Mountain Machine, and be sure to try your luck on some of our other vintage bike quizzes: 

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  • That bike is a real window into the early days. No one had decided 26" wheels were standard, yet and tons of bmx parts because that’s what was lighter and not brake.
    If you don’t have one, you should see if you can find Victor Vicente’s mountain bikes.

    cheddar-is-better on

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