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Dream Bike Quiver: If you can only choose three

If you could only have three bikes in your quiver, what would you choose? It’s time to think critically about my riding and put together a minimalist quiver that can do everything.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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If you could only have three bikes in your quiver, what would you choose? This is tough for me because I own six bikes. I need each one (I think!), and to cut this quiver in half means that each bike needs to be twice as versatile. Challenge accepted. 

I’ve already put together a baller bike quiver and a budget bike quiver, but now it’s time to think critically about my riding needs and create a minimalist quiver that can cover everything.


Factor Vista all road gravel bikeAll-road bike: Factor Vista - $6,499.99

The first bike in my quiver is this versatile Factor Vista. I wanted a light and fast road bike that won’t hold me back on weekend group rides, but can also handle some gravel exploration. That means it needs bigger tire clearance and extra compliance. The usual suspects for this style of riding are endurance bikes like the Specialized Roubaix and the Trek Domane, but earlier this year I fell in love with the Vista. The geometry is spot-on, and with a simple tire swap, the Vista can be used for road races and gravel races. 

Scott Scale 910 AXS hardtail mountain bikeHardtail 29er mountain bike: Scott Scale 910 AXS - $6,708.99

Choosing bike number two came down to a burlier gravel bike vs. a 29er hardtail. (In my current quiver, I have both.) I ultimately went with the Scott Scale, an XC hardtail, because it will let me efficiently tackle rough backcountry gravel that might overwhelm the Vista. Plus, it’s fun on XC mountain bike trails. This Scale isn’t the lightest hardtail in our inventory (that’d be the Specialized Epic Hardtail Ultralight) but it comes with a dropper post, my favorite gadget, and Zipp 3Zero Moto wheels which make this Scale a much more capable bike. 

Transition Sentinel V2 enduro mountain bikeEnduro mountain bike: Transition Sentinel - $6,499.99

The last bike in my quiver was an easy decision. When I’m not training or putting in big miles, I like hitting the bike park and local enduro trails. The clear choice is this Transition Sentinel enduro bike. The Sentinel was redesigned for 2021 with 150mm of rear travel and a more progressive leverage curve for extra support during bigger impacts. It has progressive geometry and enough suspension to handle the gnarliest descents but can still pedal up big climbs. 

Total cost: $19,708.97

Ouch, these three bikes add up to nearly $20,000. That’s pricey, but they are all high-end bikes built with electronic drivetrains and carbon wheels. If I’m only going to have only three bikes, I want each to be the best that I can get. 

This might actually be the ideal set-up for me because it will open up a lot of space in my garage, which my family will appreciate. Plus, I’ll get a high-performance bike for every discipline I like. 

Did I make good choices? If you could only ride three bikes, how would you set up your own quiver? Let me know in the comments!

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