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Best-Selling Bike Gear & Accessories: February, 2023

February stats are in! Here's a look at last month's best-selling bike gear and upgrades from The Pro's Closet's massive inventory of parts, accessories, and apparel.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Certified Pre-Owned bikes are TPC’s one true love, but loving your bike can get a bit boring without some parts, accessories, and apparel to spice things up! Fortunately, we also carry everything riders need to kit up their bikes and bodies. With February over, it’s time to unpack the gear trends from the last month of sales here at TPC. What were the accessories did riders lust after? What components were in demand? Are riders dressing to impress this month? Let's dive into our best sellers and find out.

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Best-Selling Bike Components

1. Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 Pedals 
2. Shimano Ultegra CN-HG701 11 Speed Chain 
3. Ibis S35 27.5” Aluminum Wheelset
4. Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tire 700c x 28mm (Clincher)
5. Race Face Chester Pedals

[product-block handle="shimano-ultegra-pd-r8000-pedals-clipless"/]

Once again, Shimano’s Ultegra road pedals have taken the top spot. Ever since it got marked down nearly $50, roadies have been scooping up the higher-end Ultegra pedal over many more affordable options. This month though, it finally sold out (we’re working on restocking!), so next month’s component leader is likely to change. 

[product-block handle="shimano-ultegra-cn-hg701-chain-11-speed-126-links"/]

At the height of the COVID-fueled bike shortage, it seemed like chains were impossible to find. Now things are returning to normal, but many chains still seem to be low or out of stock. When we got in these 11-speed Shimano chains in stock, they started flying off the shelves. 

[product-block handle="ibis-s35-aluminum-tubeless-27-5-wheelset"/]

Ibis makes solid alloy and carbon wheels, and it was one of the first brands to pioneer the wide rim trend in mountain biking. These S35 wheels were marked down under $300, so they became instant hits this month. 29” wheels are becoming the norm, so expect more hot deals on 27.5” wheelsets like this to come. 

[product-block handle="continental-grand-prix-5000-tire-700c-x-28mm-330tpi-clincher-black"/]

The Continental GP 5000 is the benchmark for high-performance road tires and it hasn’t budged from its position in our the top 5. 28mm clinchers are still the top sellers. Wide tires are in style, but it seems that many roadies are still running tubes. 

[product-block handle="race-face-chester-pedal-platform-black-1"/]

There are fancier flat pedals out there, but for some reason I just keep going back to Rae Face Chesters. They’re simple and cheap, and they have the right amount of stick. The nylon body is lightweight and slides over rocks. Plus they come in colors to match your bike! Most riders won’t need anything more. 

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Best-Selling Bike Accessories

1. Radavist Fear Is The Mind Killer Stem Cap
2. Garmin Varia RTL515 Radar and Tail Light
3. Pedro's Slick Wax Lube
4. Kenda Super Lite Tube 
5. Radavist Rune Voile Strap

[product-block handle="radavist-fear-is-the-mind-killer-stem-cap"/]

These top caps have John Watson’s favorite quote from Dune printed on them. “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

[product-block handle="garmin-varia-rtl515-bike-radar-and-tail-light"/]

I don’t ride without my Varia radar anymore, and I’m glad more riders are picking them up! These nifty devices detect cars approaching from behind to improve your situational awareness and help you ride defensively. The RTL515 version adds a bright tail light to increase your visibility out on the road. 

[product-block handle="pedros-slick-wax-lube-4oz"/]

A simple affordable lube that works. Pedro's Slick Wax is super clean and perfect for dry and dusty conditions. It runs quiet, reduces wear, lasts a long time, and it repels water, dust, and grime. No more black marks on your hands, legs, and kit!

[product-block handle="kenda-super-lite-tube-29x1-9-2-1-presta"/]

Everyone needs spare tubes. Yup. Makes sense. 

[product-block handle="radavist-rune-voile-strap"/]

These Radavist Voile Straps are perfect for securing nearly anything to a bike. Use them in place of a saddle bag to create a classy vintage look. Secure water bottles to cages in rough terrain. Strap an extra tube to your MTB frame. Or load up extra gear for your next bikepacking adventure. The possibilities are endless. 

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Best-Selling Bike Apparel 

1. Supacaz Asanoha Socks Black & Neon Pink 
2. Supacaz SupaSox Rad Cobra
3. Mavic Comete Ultimate MIPS Helmet
4. Mavic Allroad Wind Jersey
5. Radavist Sillycybin Wool Socks

[product-block handle="supacaz-asanoha-socks-black-neon-pink-large-x-large"/]

[product-block handle="supacaz-supasox-rad-cobra"/]

Supacaz is better-known for its cushy bar tape, but they make darn good socks too. They fit snug and feel super thin, which makes them excellent in hot conditions. 

[product-block handle="mavic-comete-ultimate-mips-bike-helmet"/]

The Mavic Comete is a pro-level aero helmet being offered at an entry-level price. It’s probably the fanciest and best-looking helmet you’ll ever find for $75!

[product-block handle="mavic-allroad-wind-jersey"/]

Shoulder season is pretty-much here, and picking the right clothes can get tricky. The Allroad Wind jersey is made with Merino wool for natural heat management and breathability. It uses strategic wind-blocking panels to reduce wind chill on cool days. 

[product-block handle="radavist-sillycybin-wool-socks-obsidian-black"/]

Can you ever have enough socks? I love to accent my kits with creative sock designs, and the trippy Radavist Sillycybin design is certainly a great conversation starter. 

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