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Unpack This: The Limited-Edition Radavist x Sklar Super Something

The special-edition Radavist x Sklar Super Something has arrived! John Watson of the Radavist explains what makes these steel gravel bikes so unique, and why you might want one to take on your next adventure.

Written by: Bruce Lin

Published on:

Posted in:Gravel

The Sklar Super Something features all of the design elements that have made Sklar’s custom bikes so desirable — beautiful styling, an ovalized and curved top tube, ample tire clearance, and custom-butted steel tubing — but it’s made overseas which greatly reduces the cost and wait times. 

Now, to celebrate nearly a decade of friendship, The Radavist and Sklar Bikes have teamed up to make a limited run of custom-painted Super Something frames. Only 50 Radavist x Sklar Super Something frames have been built. They come in two custom-painted finishes and five build packages ranging from an affordable coaster brake build...

[product-block handle="2023-sklar-x-radavist-supersomething-cruiser-mud-spray-54cm"/]

To a baller SRAM Force AXS and ENVE build...

[product-block handle="2023-sklar-x-radavist-supersomething-force-axs-mud-spray-54cm"/]

They’re available exclusively at TPC, and once they’re sold, they’re gone, so don't wait!

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