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Best-Selling Bike Gear and Accessories: January, 2023

January stats are in! Here's a look at last month's best-selling bike gear and upgrades from The Pro's Closet's massive inventory of parts, accessories, and apparel.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Certified Pre-Owned bikes are TPC’s bread and butter, but to turn a bike into a satisfying meal, you have to spice things up with parts, accessories, and apparel! Fortunately, we carry everything riders need to kit up their bikes and bodies. With January over, it’s time to unpack the gear trends from the last month of sales here at TPC. What were the accessories riders wanted most? What parts and components were in demand? What pieces are people wearing? Let's dive into our best sellers and find out.

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Best-selling bike components

1. Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 Pedals 
2. Continental Terra Speed Tire 700c x 40mm
3. SRAM eTap AXS Battery
4. Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tire 700c x 28mm (Clincher) 
5. Look Keo 2 Max Carbon Pedals

[product-block handle="shimano-ultegra-pd-r8000-pedals-clipless"/]

Once again, Shimano’s indomitable Ultegra road pedals have taken the top spot. Of course, every bike needs pedals, and roadies have been scooping up the higher-end Ultegra pedal over many more affordable options. It helps that it’s been marked down nearly $50! 

[product-block handle="nc_continental-terra-speed-tire-700-x-42"/]

Second place went to the Continental Terra Speed, which based on testing at, is one of the fastest gravel tires around. It was so popular it sold out. 

[product-block handle="sram-etap-axs-battery-1"/]

Lots of riders seem to be picking up AXS batteries. I guess it’s good to have spares if you’re bad at keeping things charged like me. Or if you’re taking on an epic multi-day backcountry ride.  

[product-block handle="continental-grand-prix-5000-tire-700c-x-28mm-330tpi-clincher-black"/]

The Continental GP 5000 is probably the benchmark for high-performance road tires. It’s interesting that 28mm clinchers were the top sellers. Wide tires are in style, but it seems that many roadies are still running tubes. 

[product-block handle="look-keo-2-max-carbon-pedals-clipless-black"/]

Finally, the Look Keo 2 Max Carbon rounds out the top 5, trailing behind its Ultegra rival. The Look vs. Shimano battle rages on. 

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Best-selling bike accessories 

1. Cygolite Metro Pro Light 950 Lumens
2. Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Smartwatch
3. Swift Industries Zeitgeist Pack
4. Swift Industries Bandito Bicycle Bag
5. Radavist Die Cut Sticker Pack

January was a great month for accessories. People must be stocking up for spring! In fact, our top 3 accessories all sold out last month, so we'll restock soon. 

[product-block handle="cygolite-metro-pro-light-950-lumens"/]

The Cygolite Metro Pro rose from third to first this past month. With nearly 1,000 lumens for less than $40, it’s a super bright light for a smoking price and clearly shoppers thought so too. 

[product-block handle="garmin-fenix-6x-pro-smartwatch"/]

Multisport GPS watches like the Garmin Fenix 6X have been flying off the shelves too. They’re great for mountain bikers, triathletes, runners, hikers, and anyone who wants to track activities to achieve their fitness goals. 

[product-block handle="swift-industries-zeitgeist-pack"/]

[product-block handle="swift-industries-bandito-bicycle-bag"/]

Two Swift Industries bags managed to take third and forth last month. They look great and let you stash a ton of goodies for epic adventures. This time of year, they’re probably holding a lot of extra layers! 

[product-block handle="radavist-die-cut-sticker-pack"/]

Finally, Radavist fans have been gleefully scooping up the new Die Cut sticker pack. I can’t wait to see where some of these stickers end up.  

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Best-selling bike apparel

1. Radavist Sillycybin Wool Socks
2. POC Ventral SPIN Bike Helmet 
3. Fox Racing Dawn Patrol Vest 
4. Radavist Jackal Camp Hat
5. Mavic Echappee Pro Bike Helmet

[product-block handle="radavist-sillycybin-wool-socks-obsidian-black"/]

Can you ever have enough socks? I love to accent my kits with creative sock designs, and the trippy Radavist Sillycybin design is certainly a great conversation starter. 

[product-block handle="poc-ventral-spin-bike-helmet-propylene-red-matt"/]

The Ventral SPIN is a rad helmet. I actually picked one up myself! Even though it’s an aero helmet, it’s incredibly well-ventilated and light. Even better, SPIN models are marked down since they’ve been replaced with a MIPS version.  

[product-block handle="fox-racing-dawn-patrol-vest-black"/]

My Dawn Patrol vest might be the piece of riding gear I use the most during the colder months. It packs down super small to stash when not needed and it will keep your core shielded from the wind when it is. I like wearing mine unzipped when it’s warmer so it looks like a cape. 

[product-block handle="radavist-jackal-camp-hat"/]

These Radavist hats are made in the USA by our friends at LAND. They feature the iconic Jackal embroidery and feel super soft. Wear it camping, hiking, to formal business meetings, or your mom’s wedding. It does it all. 

[product-block handle="mavic-echappee-pro-bike-helmet-white-everglade-medium-54-59cm"/]

Allow me to introduce you to the best beginner bike helmet at TPC. You get modern style and protection for only $40. It’s no surprise then that so many first-time bike buyers are adding them to the cart with their new or Certified Pre-Owned bikes!

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