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New Arrivals – Wheels & Tires

Shop new and used wheels and tires just added to our website.

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Ready for an easy but significant upgrade to your bike? Then the first thing you should consider is a new set of wheels. A high-quality set of aluminum or carbon wheels can make your prized ride considerably lighter, faster, and stiffer while boosting aerodynamics for a seriously improved ride. 


And don’t forget to put some new rubber on those wheels. New bike tires will give you better traction, speed, durability, and safety, which equals a greatly enhanced ride quality. Whether you’re swapping out, upgrading, or customizing, check out our inventory to find the right bike wheels and tires for better performance and feel. 

Used MTB Wheels


Is it time for an upgrade to your mountain bike? Have your current wheels taken a beating? Then a set of high-quality used MTB wheels is just what the doctor ordered. Maybe you want to shave some weight, add stiffness, go tubeless, want a faster and quicker engaging wheel, or simply keep more cash in the bank. Then shop with us for the best selection of pre-owned wheels and used mountain bike tires.


Used Road Bike Wheels


Upgrading wheels can have a massive influence on your bike’s performance. And the right set of high-quality used road bike wheels not only cuts down on weight, increases aerodynamics and efficiency, gives you a faster, more comfortable ride, but also saves you some serious cash. Explore our inventory of carbon and aluminum pre-owned road bike wheels from top-notch brands. 


Used Bicycle Tires

Tires dictate how your bike behaves because they are the first point of contact your bike has with the ground. So picking the right set of rubber is essential. From road and gravel to mountain bike tires, it’s an easy, noticeable, and inexpensive upgrade. Check out our selection of used mountain tires and get rolling!