Canyon Gravel Bikes


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Canyon Gravel Bikes

Canyon likes making a statement. They jumped into gravel bikes with the Grail, a fast-riding rig that announced its presence with its integrated bar/stem system, known as the Double-Decker. A unique response to buffering the impact of rough roads and trails. Canyon then followed up with the Grizl, designed to be more capable on more challenging terrain.


Canyon’s naming conventions are typically CF SLX, followed by CF SL, and AL. CF is carbon fiber; AL is aluminum. Then they separate each tier with numbers. 6 is typically in the 105/Rival component level, 7 usually Ultegra/Force, and 8 Dura-Ace/Red. Regardless of choice, you can choose either 1x or 2x for these platforms.    


Canyon Grizl


When it comes to versatility, the Canyon Grizl gravel bike is the shizzle. It’s light and stiff for racing, has clearance for aggressive trail riding, and has plenty of mounts for bikepacking. The grizl has a suspension fork option, and many builds come with their VCLS suspension seatpost. Some models even feature a dropper post for the more rowdy, steep trails. 


Canyon Grail


The Canyon Grail gravel bike stands out thanks to the Double-Decker bars. The carbon bar/stem combo provides vertical flex to smooth out rough terrain and incredible stiffness on the drops for precision handling on descents. Launched in 2018, the Grail has an all-road vibe, with room for 42mm tires and a stiff frame. There’s even an e-bike version; Grail: ON. Because you’re locked into the bar/stem combo, the reach dimensions are different than you’d expect with a more conventional cockpit, and the Grail AL has a more traditional bar and stem.

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