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Bombtrack Bikes For Sale

This low-key German brand is a TPC go-to for cool bikes at real cool prices. However you like to explore, Bombtrack makes a fun-loving version of what you need.

Based in Cologne, Germany, Bombtrack launched in 2011 when the founders of WeMakeThings evolved their BMX passion into a love of riding bikes that inspire adventure.

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Bombtrack is an under-the-radar brand that builds no-nonsense adventure bikes. 

Bombtrack makes practical allroad, adventure, cyclocross, gravel, mountain, touring, and urban bikes. The bikes are meant to be ridden, a simple canvas on which to paint your two-wheeled escapades. Bombtrack bikes are tools with a specific purpose but can be tricked out for many different pursuits.

While Bombtrack builds in all materials, they favor steel tubing. Steel is easy to manipulate, simple to weld, and the resulting frames are economical, durable, and beautiful.  


Bombtrack Bikes History


Bombtrack was founded in 2011, with a single bike, but its past stretches back to 1996. WE MAKE THINGS, the parent company, was exclusively BMX for years. The Cologne-based maker grew into a BMX powerhouse with brands like Wethepeople, and Bombtrack was their first big-wheel venture. 


Bombtrack Adventure Bikes


Bombtrack adventure bikes let you define what the adventure is. They are as fun unloaded as they are loaded on terrain from trails to pristine asphalt. Whether bombing trails, making the daily commute, bikepacking in the woods, or touring across a continent, these bikes are ready to shoulder the load.


Bombtrack Beyond


Bombtrack’s Beyond is the heart of their expanding adventure lineup. It started as a drop bar gravel bike with MTB manners and has grown into four models plus one for kids, each tweaked a bit for a different purpose. The bikes come with mounts galore, and some even have dynamo-powered lights so you can wander 24/7, in your backyard or on a three-week tour. 


Bombtrack Outlaw


Their first foray into big wheels was with single-speed urban commuters. Bikes should be fun tools, so the Bombtrack Outlaw is designed as an urban assault ride with a steel frame, carbon fork, single-speed Gates belt drive, disc brakes, fat 650b tires, and a front rack. It can be ridden on perfect bike paths, old cobblestones, broken-pavement alleys, and abandoned property with the same power and poise.


Bombtrack Cale


Bombtrack knew how to make BMX bikes that laugh off abuse and brought that quality to their MTB hardtail, the Cale. It’s an overgrown BMX bike with trail-focused geometry. The wheels are 29” but can be swapped for 27.5” easily. There are steel and aluminum frame iterations that both feature extensive water bottle mounts, fender mounts, and even rack mounts. Say yes to all-day adventures, commuting, bike touring and trail riding.


Bombtrack Gravel Bikes


Bombtrack gravel bikes are versatile companions. Most Bombtrack gravel bikes are steel, so they create a cushy ride on rough roads and are ready to take on years of offroad riding. While each model has a different focus, great handling and mounting points make them very flexible partners for adventure. 


Bombtrack Arise


The Arise started like the Outlaw, a single-speed belt-drive whip built for adventure. It has grown to be that, as well as a geared adventure bike and loaded touring bike. Thanks to adjustable dropouts, the drivetrain can be swapped easily to create your perfect ride. 


Bombtrack Audax


Available in steel and aluminum, the Audax is an endurance bike that is equally at home on pavement and gravel. It comes with wide 650b tires and lots of mounts for fenders, bottles, and racks.  


Bombtrack Hook


The Hook grabs your attention the moment you throw a leg over it. The short chainstays and nimble handling make it great for gravel racing. The carbon fork and various mounts for bottles, bags, racks, and fenders mean it can serve as an adventure, bikepacking, touring, and commuting bike.

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