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Do Bike Shops Take Trade-Ins? How To Trade-In Your Used Bike at a Local Shop

Written by: Spencer Powlison

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When it’s time for a new car, most people bring their old one to a dealership, trade it in for the latest model, and drive off. Why can’t upgrading your bike be like that? Do local bike shops even take trade-ins?

Well, we’ve got good news: yes - local shops can take trade-ins via The Pro’s Closet’s (TPC) TradeUP program that facilitates and makes the process easy.

As the world’s leader in buying and selling pre-owned bikes, TPC takes all of the hassles out of bike trade-ins with our proven Sell // Trade system. This lets your local shop accept your quality pre-loved bike and apply the credit toward whatever new bike you’ve been dreaming of.

Bike riders getting stoked on The Pro's ClosetWhy use TradeUP?

The TradeUP program is a win-win for everyone. Instead of haggling with strangers on Craigslist or eBay, you can quickly and easily apply your bike’s value to a new bike. Plus, the TradeUP program is free for your local shop to use. At the end of the day, your shop gets a sale, you get a new bike, and TPC will find a new home for your pre-loved bike.

Although TPC sells thousands of bikes online every year, we get it. Sometimes, you’d rather test-ride a bike before committing to purchase. Or, you might prefer a brand-new bike. And just like you, we love supporting our local bike shops. These are all great reasons to use TradeUP.

How it works

You can find a shop using TradeUP near you using our TradeUP partner locator.

There are three ways you can submit your bike to the TradeUP program to get credit with your local shop:

1. Go to the Sell // Trade page of You’ll be asked to log-in or create an account. Then, just provide some basic info about your bike and a few clear photos. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with an offer, and then you select your local bike shop for TradeUP credit.

2. Some shops have the TradeUP submission form built into their websites. If that’s the case, the submission process is the same, except your TradeUP will automatically give you store credit.

3. Your shop can also submit your TradeUP submission in person if you bring your bike in. They’ll just use the portal in their Quality Bicycle Parts (QBP) online account.   

What if my shop isn’t a TradeUP partner?

While we have 500+ TradeUP partners nationwide, your favorite bike shop might not be one. If your local bike retailer isn’t part of TPC’s TradeUP program, that’s no problem. They can easily sign up to become a TradeUP partner if they have an account with QBP — and there’s a really good chance that they do! Interested shops can also email our team to get started.

Once they’re set up, you can trade-in your bike to get store credit.

Remember, TradeUP is free for your shop to use, so they don’t have any reason not to sign up and sell you the bike of your dreams!