Saris Trainer Tire 700x25mm Clincher Yellow drive side Saris Trainer Tire 700x25mm Clincher Yellow non-drive side

Saris Trainer Tire 700x25mm Clincher Yellow

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There is nothing more irritating than seeing your expensive road tire get worn out through overuse on the indoor trainer. The Saris Trainer Tire made for clincher wheels will protect your best road tires for race day. The 700c x 25mm tire has been made from a seriously tough compound that is designed to withstand the rigors of an indoor trainer. In fact, Saris advises that you always use this tire when you have your bike on one of their wheel-on resistance trainers. Not only is the material ultra-durable, it also offers a sound dampening that will make the trainer noise much less disturbing for anyone who shares your living space. And the fact that it is bright yellow means that you’ll never get it confused with your actual road tires. And that’s important since the Saris Trainer Tire are intended exclusively for indoor trainers.

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