Based in Madison, WI, Saris builds high-end bike racks and trainers to fit all lifestyles. What sets Saris apart from the rest is their commitment to building community infrastructures to ensure everyone has equal access to ride and maintain their bikes, from public bike repair stations to creating their very own bike park for kids.  


Hand-built in the USA, Saris has been making premier quality products since 1974 and has been evolving the way we transport our bikes ever since. From the MP1 Nfinity platform to the Bones trunk rack, Saris has something guaranteed to help anyone get out and ride.


Saris Bike Racks


Saris bike racks are built to the highest standards, so you can have peace of mind knowing your bike won’t go anywhere when driving to your next ride. With bike racks designed to attach anywhere from the trunk of your car to its hitch, Saris has a bike rack for you. 


Saris Bones

Saris Bones bike racks are designed to hold bikes by their top tubes, allowing for easy installation and mitigating the need to remove any tires from the bike. The Bones line of racks comes in trunk or hitch options to fit any sedan or SUV. The Saris Bones 2 rack is one of the most popular models, with the ability to hold two bikes at a time. There is also the Bones 3, with the ability to, you guessed it, hold three at a time. 


Saris Freedom


Built to carry anything from heavy e-bikes to fat-tire bikes, the Saris Freedom is the go-to option for bike security and variability. The Saris Freedom 4 can carry up to four bikes at once, so you can keep the party alive and bring the whole family or crew. Attaching to any sedan, truck, or SUV by the hitch allows for easy installation and rack security no matter how rough the road gets. 


Saris Trainers


Saris indoor trainers are optimized to give riders the best experience on their bike without the need to go outside. Whether it's for winter training or after-work spins, all Saris trainers are backed by their excellent quality and industry-leading technology. From the H3 and H2 Smart Trainers to the Mag Trainer, Saris has a trainer for every price point, allowing anyone to build their perfect indoor setup


Saris H3


The Saris H3 is Saris' premier indoor smart trainer. With a nearly silent design, this trainer is perfect for anywhere in the house. The H3 even includes a one-month subscription to the ROUVY training app. Able to handle up to 2000 watts and replicate a 20% grade, nothing will hold you back.


Saris M2

Simplicity is the name of the game with the Saris M2 Smart Trainer. With ANT+FE-C and Bluetooth standards, the M2 lets you easily connect to Zwift or any other training app of your choice. The M2 can handle power outputs of up to 1500 watts and a 15% grade, so step up your game with the Saris M2.