Saris Trainer Accessory Kit

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Once you get in your first training session on your indoor trainer, you’ll realize that you probably sweat a lot. You might have thought all you needed was your bike and a stationary trainer, but just looking at that puddle of sweat on your wood floor will make you realize that the Saris Trainer Accessory Kit is just about the best way to have all the auxiliary items that you’ll need for your training sessions. The Saris Training Mat protects your floor from sweat and bike grime that might flick off. It has a tacky bottom that does not leave a mark, but does prevent the bike from sliding forward when you are really pushing it. It will also help absorb any trainer sound that might otherwise reverberate through the floor. The Climbing Block secures the front wheel and offers three different levels to simulate hill climbs. The Saris Towel included will help mop your brow or protect your frame when the training intensity really picks up.
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