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Yeti SB100 Bikes & Frames For Sale

Shop new & used Yeti SB100 MTBs for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info, prices, and size charts on various models and popular years (2019, 2020, etc). Read our Yeti SB100 Quick-Take Review below.

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When Yeti debuted the SB100 in 2019, it created a niche called downcountry bikes. These bikes bridge the gap between a full-suspension cross-country bike and a mid-travel trail bike. The SB100 comes with 100mm rear travel and a 120mm fork, but the real story is the Switch Infinity rear suspension and how it works in congress with a slack head angle and short-offset fork.

How much is the Yeti SB100?

The SB100, when new, retailed for between $7000 to $8000 on the high end (TURQ), depending on the variant and build. Pre-owned SB100’s range $3000 to $4000.

What size wheels are on the Yeti SB100?

The Yeti SB100 is a 29er, so it comes with a 29” wheelset in stock configurations. From the factory the SB100 came with DT Swiss carbon wheels running on tubeless tires.

2020 Yeti SB100 - Weight, Specs, Price

2020 SB100 X01 Race (Med)




Wheel Size


25.2 lbs

F: 120mm

R: 100mm


The Switch Infinity makes the suspension supple throughout its range and performs the work of more travel in less distance. It features a unique floating lower pivot that moves down and up. The Switch Infinity also has the benefit of isolating the ride from the potential rise as you start to pedal and squat as you brake. Yeti commands attention and respect for the way they engineer great rides. As with other Yetis, there are two different carbon-fiber builds, the Carbon series and the TURQ series, the latter lighter and stiffer. They also offer several build options. As brightly as the SB100 burned, it lived a short life; the SB100 was discontinued after the 2020 model year for the new SB115.

2020 Yeti SB100 Review - A TPC Rider's Quick Take

The 2020 Yeti SB100 is billed as a cross-country bike with a rebellious side, so it was time to test if it could live up to its reputation.


  • Surprising downhill capability
  • The SB100 stands out among its cross-country peers with a downhill capability that exceeds expectations. It packs a lot of downhill fun into its 100mm rear travel and doesn't shy away from technical descents with the 120mm fork.
  • Switch Infinity Suspension
  • Yeti’s Switch Infinity suspension strikes again, offering a highly efficient platform that delivers small bump sensitivity and absorbs bigger hits with grace. The bike's climbing efficiency is remarkably good, making ascents feel less strenuous.
  • Quality build
  • With a robust carbon frame and a build kit that includes Fox Factory suspension and an SRAM GX01 Eagle drivetrain, the SB100 is built for reliability and performance. Yeti’s attention to detail is evident throughout the bike.



  • Higher price point
  • The SB100 comes at a premium price tag, which might be difficult for some to justify, especially if you're used to more budget-friendly cross-country bikes. ($7,999)
  • Not a pure cross-country bike
  • While it's designed with cross-country riding in mind, the SB100's downhill capabilities mean it's not as light or twitchy as a traditional XC race bike. This might not suit purists who prioritize climbing speed and rapid responsiveness over downhill performance.
  • Limited rear travel
  • The SB100's 100mm rear travel is impressive in its capability but may leave you wanting more on extremely rough terrain or if you're used to bikes with more travel.

The Bottom Line

The 2020 Yeti SB100 is an intriguing beast. It challenges traditional cross-country norms with its downhill prowess while maintaining strong climbing abilities. However, the higher price tag and the departure from a pure XC feel may not be for everyone.

If you’re a rider who enjoys the speed and agility of cross-country riding but wants a bike that can descend with more confidence and fun, the SB100 could be a great match. It’s a bike that refuses to be put in a box and instead asks you to redefine what you think a cross-country bike can be. Just be prepared to pay a premium for this unique blend of capabilities.

TPC Rider’s Contrarian Take:

The "downcountry" category has taken off, with the SB100 leading the pack. Not only does the SB100 make the tamest trails a fun challenge, but it also inspires confidence with the longer fork and active suspension. 

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