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SCOTT Mountain Bikes

Scott mountain bikes come in a wide variety of options that please all disciplines of trail riders, from XC-style trails to fast and furious backcountry rides. Years of relentless design, progressive technology, and winning numerous medals and championships put Scott Mountain bikes on the top of the list. 

Scott Spark


The Scott Spark is a well-revered XC full suspension race bike with multiple Olympic and World Cup wins under its belt. The lightweight Spark finds a perfect balance of responsive handling and efficiency, while progressive geometry and plush suspension make it easy to rip through trails. The Scott Spark RC takes things to an even racier level with a lightweight and top-end component spec, and the Spark 970 gets a bit beefier with more travel. 

Scott Genius


The Scott Genius happily takes on big climbs, long rides, and charges hard through singletrack like a pro. Slack geometry and smooth suspension give this bike the ability to shred rough terrain while maintaining superb pedaling efficiency and predictable handling on hefty climbs. Add the Scott Genius to your list if you’re searching for a do-it-all trail bike that’s lightweight, efficient, and an absolute blast to ride. 


Scott Scale


The Scott Scale is a remarkably lightweight hardtail built for high speeds, efficiency, and winning races. The Scale immediately comes alive from the second you push on the pedals. A stiff and super-light frame with progressive geometry perfect for XC courses gives this bike a smooth, fast, and sharp handling ride, even when the ride gets rough and the climbing gets steep. For a budget-friendly hardtail that’s as much fun to rip on trails as it is to the pub, check out the Scott 970.


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