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Liv Gravel Bikes

Liv Gravel bikes get you out on the road less traveled. No road, path, or course is left unturned, from gravel grinders to cyclocross races or reaching your fitness goals. The Devote is ready to explore, from bikepacking trips to rough roads in your backyard. The Brava is fast, precise, and primed for cyclocross racing. Liv’s lineup of women’s specific gravel bikes are ready to take you on your next adventure. 

Liv Devote


The Liv Devote is a versatile adventure-craving gravel bike designed to take on weekend bikepacking adventures, all-day gravel rides, or a race to the finish line. While still road capable, the Devote shines on rough terrain due to its upright geometry, wider tires, and the D-Fuse bar, which soaks up vibrations from rough terrain. There are also plenty of attachment points for panniers and multi-day gear. If you’re curious about what’s down that next road, this capable, fun, and confidence-inspiring bike will happily take you there. 


Liv Brava


The Liv Brava is a versatile cyclocross racer that easily transitions into a sweet gravel ride. It’s lightweight, responsive, nimble, and handles exceptionally well on everything from pavement, grass, gravel, or your next cyclocross race. An Advanced-Grade Composite frame and D-Fuse seatpost give the Brava agile handling and a smooth ride. From mounting and dismounting to bunny hops or churning out miles off-road, the Brava brings confidence and joy on gravel or the cyclocross course. 

Liv Rove


The Liv Rove is jonesing to explore the main roads or the roads less traveled. An extremely versatile hybrid bike with just enough front suspension to soak up some bumpy terrain, the Rove is an excellent choice for those seeking fitness, recreational, or commuter bike. A friendly price, a lightweight aluminum frame, and efficient confidence-inspiring geometry make it a perfect entry-level and carefree option ready to explore. 


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