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High Pivot Mountain Bikes For Sale

A high-pivot MTB provides a more rearward axle path and reduced pedal kickback. This can translate into increased speed, comfort, predictability and confidence. Shop the best new & used high-pivot mountain bikes at TPC - The Pro's Closet.

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Brands Making High-Pivot Mountain Bikes

Several esteemed brands are venturing into the world of high-pivot mountain bikes. Renowned names include Forbidden Bike Co., with their Dreadnought and Druid models, and Norco, with their Range model, both delivering exceptional performance and superior ride quality in their high pivot designs.

The Norco Range excels at speeding through rough terrain. 

Who Needs a High-Pivot Mountain Bike?

High-pivot mountain bikes are engineered for the adventurous, the thrill-seekers, and the mountain conquerors. If you're an avid mountain biker tackling rough, rocky terrains or steep, technical descents, a high-pivot mountain bike could be a game-changer. It's an excellent choice for anyone seeking improved suspension performance and enhanced control over challenging trails.

The Forbidden Druid will get as sendy as you want. 

Advantages of a High Pivot Mountain Bike

High-pivot mountain bikes are revolutionizing the off-road biking experience with their unique suspension design. They offer a more rearward axle path, providing superior bump absorption, smoother ride over obstacles, and enhanced stability. Additionally, the high pivot design significantly reduces pedal kickback, ensuring a more efficient and comfortable pedaling experience, even on the roughest terrains. This unique fusion of superior suspension performance and reduced pedal kickback makes high-pivot bikes a standout choice for mountain biking enthusiasts.

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