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150mm Rear Travel Bikes For Sale

Long-travel bikes have 150-170mm of rear travel to handle tough downhill trails. Trail and enduro bikes fall into this category. They absorb big hits and smooth out rough terrain. Shop new & used 150mm+ rear travel bikes at TPC - The Pro's Closet.

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The Best 150mm Trail Bikes

150mm trail bikes are the go-to solution for riders seeking an all-around performer. These bikes excel on diverse trails, delivering the perfect balance between climbing efficiency and descending prowess. 150mm bikes provide a cushion against rocks and roots, making them just as comfortable on technical trails as on smooth singletracks. With these bikes, you can conquer climbing challenges without compromising on the thrill of the downhill ride.

The Specialized Stumpjumper is a fantastic 150mm trail bike, designed to handle all types of trails. 

High-Pivot Trail Bikes

High-pivot trail bikes bring a game-changing dynamic to the trail riding experience. The unique high-pivot suspension system allows the rear wheel to follow a rearward axle path, effectively moving out of the way of harsh, square-edged impacts. This design results in a smoother suspension action, reducing pedal kickback and maintaining your momentum even over extremely rough terrain. In simple terms, a high-pivot bike gobbles up trails while keeping you stable and in control.

The Forbidden Dreadnought is a great example of an advanced high-pivot bike.

What is an Enduro Bike?

Enduro bikes are the daredevils of the mountain biking world. With rear-wheel travel ranging from 130 to 170mm, these bikes are specifically designed for aggressive riding over technical terrain and racing through challenging trail conditions. Enduro bikes offer remarkable downhill performance without sacrificing too much on the climbs. Whether you're tackling technical descents, steep climbs, or tackling jumps in the bike park, an enduro bike ensures you're equipped for the adventure.

It's all in the name. The Specialized Enduro has won countless enduro races across the world.