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Downhill Bike Parts

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Upgrade your downhill bike with high-quality parts designed to enhance your performance and take your riding to the next level. From tires to forks, grips to cranksets, we have a wide selection of downhill bike parts to suit your needs. Our products are built to withstand the demands of downhill racing, with features like tubeless compatibility, durable construction, and precise engineering. Whether you're looking for improved traction, smoother suspension, or better control, our range of downhill bike parts will help you conquer any trail with confidence.


When it comes to downhill racing, having the right tires is crucial. Our selection of downhill bike tires offers a balance of speed, grip, and durability. With a semi-slick tread pattern and a wide profile, these tires provide excellent traction on a variety of terrains while minimizing rolling resistance. Made from high-quality materials and featuring tubeless compatibility, these tires are designed to handle the rigors of downhill racing and give you the confidence to push your limits.

Suspension Forks

A high-performance suspension fork is essential for tackling rough and technical downhill trails. Our range of downhill race forks offers superior damping and control, allowing you to maintain speed and stability even on the most challenging terrain. With features like adjustable compression and rebound damping, these forks can be fine-tuned to suit your riding style and preferences. Made from lightweight and durable materials, these forks are built to withstand the demands of downhill racing and provide a smooth and responsive ride.

Grips and Cranksets

Having a secure grip and efficient power transfer are key to maximizing your performance on a downhill bike. Our selection of locking grips provides excellent traction and control, ensuring that your hands stay firmly in place even in the most demanding conditions. Paired with a high-quality crankset, you'll experience smooth and efficient pedaling, allowing you to generate more power and maintain speed on the descents. With features like lightweight construction and durable materials, our grips and cranksets are designed to withstand the rigors of downhill racing and help you perform at your best.