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Three Ways to Drive More Sales with Trade-UP

By Bruce Lin


The Trade-UP program is a great tool for keeping in regular contact with your customers, as well as bringing new faces into your stores. Three Ways to Drive More Sales with Trade-UP

Here are three ways that the Trade-UP program can drive more sales:

1.  Ask about their bike // Most customers that come into your store will already have a bike. Asking them about that bike is a great way to find out about what they might be interested in buying. Showing them an easy way to release the value in that old bike is a great way to make the new bike purchase smoother.

2.  Make a new bike more accessible // Knowing when to reach out to existing customers is a tricky game. Offering to value that customer's bike is a great way to start a conversation about a new purchase without being too pushy. With the value of their used bike in hand, a new purchase might be way more accessible.

3.  The cost-effective solution // There are times when a customer's bike needs more repair than the total bike is worth. With the Trade-UP program, you can show a customer that a trade in and new purchase might be more cost effective than repair on an existing bike. At The Pro's Closet, we accept incomplete bikes, meaning even a broken wheel or busted fork won't stop the customer moving on their old bike in favor of a new one from your show room floor.


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