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Holiday Gift Guide: The best gifts for road cyclists

The Pro’s Closet is home to experienced roadies who know what cyclists really want. So sit back, relax, and let us be your guide to this year’s best road bike related gifts.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Holiday gift guide: Best road bike giftsStruggling to find the perfect holiday gift for the roadie in your life? Or maybe you are the roadie, and this year, you want to get gear you’ll actually use. Lucky for you, The Pro’s Closet employs more than a few experienced cyclists who know what roadies really want. So put on your most festive kit, warm up a bottle of electrolytes or eggnog, and let us be your gift buying lead-out man. These are this year’s best road biking gifts.


ENVE Foundation wheels

ENVE foundation 45 and 65 carbon wheelsENVE Foundation 45 - $1,599.99 
ENVE Foundation 65 - $1,599.99

Just like ENVE’s premium wheels, Foundation wheels are made in America and have been proven in the wind-tunnel. But clever production techniques and budget-minded spec choices have brought the price down significantly. They come with either 45mm or 65mm deep rims to suit different needs. I’ve been loving the 65s on my aero road bike for over a year. They ride as well as any top-of-the-line offering and come very close in terms of aero performance. The 21mm internal rim width supports modern wide tires and provides the easiest road tubeless set-up I’ve ever experienced. A couple pumps with a floor pump and my tires were seated (for the best results use an approved tubeless tire). Foundation wheels are affordable, light, and stiff. They look great and have stood up to thousands of miles of abuse. I literally can't ask for anything more from a carbon wheelset. 


Power meters

Road bike powermetersGarmin Rally RS100 - $649.99
Garmin Rally RS200 - $1,099.99 
4iiii Precision Shimano 105 left crank arm - $299.99
4iiii Precision Shimano Ultegra left crank arm - $349.99
4iiii Precision Shimano Dura-Ace left crank arm - $449.99

If you want to get faster, there’s no better tool for tracking fitness, doing structured workouts, and pacing efforts than a power meter. There’s a lot of choices out there, but the easiest way to track watts like a pro is to install a pair of Garmin Rally power meter pedals. Choose the single-sided RS100 for an affordable power meter or the dual-sided RS200 for the most accurate data. If you have a deep quiver, you can swap the Rally pedals from bike to bike so you always know how many watts you’re pushing. If you have a Shimano drivetrain, you’re in luck! 4iiii Precision Shimano crank arm power meters use patented 3D Strain Gauge technology to deliver accurate power data at an affordable price.


Cycling computers and radar

Road bike computers and radarHammerhead Karoo 2 - $399.99 
Garmin Edge 530 - $249.99
Garmin Varia RTL515 - $199.99

Even if you aren’t a tech geek, it always feels cool to have your stats displayed in front of you on a nice head unit. The Hammerhead Karoo 2 uses a big, high-resolution touch screen display and is based on the Android operating system, providing vivid maps and powerful GPS navigation for your biggest adventures. I’ve been testing it all year and it’s become my go-to head unit because of the beautiful screen and useful features. If you’re looking for something smaller and don’t need a laundry list of features, my previous go-to head unit was the versatile Garmin Edge 530. The last item I suggest all roadies add is the Garmin Varia RTL515 tail light and radar, which warns you about approaching cars. It improves my situational awareness and confidence so much that I won’t ride on the road without it



POC road helmetsPOC Omne Air SPIN - $149.99 
POC Octal MIPS - $199.99
POC Ventral SPIN - $289.99

Quit wiping salt stains off ratty, old helmet straps and get something fresh to protect your head. The Swedish safety experts at POC provide a full line-up of road helmets to satisfy every level of rider. SPIN technology and MIPS linings dissipate rotational impacts and reduce the chance of concussion. The Omne Air is the perfect budget option for riders who put in serious mileage. Riders looking for a high-end helmet upgrade will appreciate the light weight and excellent ventilation of the Octal or the wind-cheating aero shape of the Ventral. If you want to learn more about why we love POC helmets, or what model to choose, check out our POC helmet guide



100% cycling sunglasses100% Speedcraft - $164.99
100% Speedtrap - $184.99
100% S3 - $194.99

100% may seem like a newer brand to some, but those familiar with motocross will know that it's one of the world's top goggle manufacturers for nearly 40 years. With its current line-up of big, bold, and colorful cycling sunglasses, it’s become one of hotness eyewear brands in the sport. You’ll find futuristic-looking models like the Speedcraft, Speedtrap, and S3 on the face of three-time world champion Peter Sagan, and they’re perfect for any rider who wants sunglasses that provide maximum coverage, visibility, and style. 



Road bike accessoriesRadavist OD Green water bottles - $20.00
Radavist Sillycybin water bottles - $25.00 
Arundel Medio Seat Bag - $34.95 
Skratch Labs The Feed Zone Cookbook - $24.95
Skratch Labs The Feed Zone Portables - $24.95

Details matter to roadies who geek out about gear, so stuff their stockings with some high-quality accessories. Radavist bottles use Purist bottle technology that shields the inside from bad tastes, mold, and stains. Plus they look awesome. Saddle bags are notoriously ugly, but the Arundel Medio bucks the trend with its sleek, water-resistant exterior. If you’re trying to lose weight or fuel performance, you need to start in the kitchen. Skratch Labs cookbooks feature recipes used by the pros and are the perfect gift for health-minded roadies who want to improve their diet. 


There you have it. These are the actual gifts roadies at The Pro’s Closet are hoping for this year. There should be something here to please even the pickiest rider, but if you want more road cycling gift ideas, be sure to check out our Roadie Gift Collection for great stocking stuffers and other accessories, apparel, and components. 


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