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Technician Spotlight: Chris B.

Meet The Pro's Closet Bike Technician Chris B. who serviced and certified your pre-owned bike.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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The Pro's Closet Mechanics

Meet Your Mechanic

How long have you been a bike tech?
4 years

How long have you worked with mechanical things?
Ten years. I tinkered on bikes and skateboards in college.

What are your specialties?
Anything with aerodynamics. Internal cabling, well-taped handlebars, and a clean front-end.

What do you enjoy about being a bike tech?
The problem-solving mindset and the ways this translates into my life outside of work. I apply my mechanical skills to training or cooking dinner. I'm continually thinking about what’s the most efficient way to get from A to Z. Working on bikes reflects my lifestyle, I believe bikes are a solution to thousands of problems and promote health and happiness.

Where are you from?
Davenport, Iowa

Road, Mountain or Gravel or Tri?
Mountain and Tri

What’s your favorite ride?
The Peak to Peak Highway - you have to earn it to get there with all the climbing, but once I'm there it’s beautiful. The roads are smooth and it's quieter than in town.

What's your post-ride treat?
Mexican Coca-Cola