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Mechanic Spotlight: Brennan Bushman, Mechanic Manager

Meet The Pro's Closet mechanic Brennan Bushman, who serviced and certified your pre-owned bike.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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The Pro's Closet Mechanics

      Meet Your Mechanic

      How long have you been a bike mechanic?
      10 years

      How long have you worked with mechanical things?
      Since I was a teenager

      What are your specialties?
      Working on vintage bikes

      What are your certifications?

      • PBMA Certified Mechanic
      • SRAM Technical University
      • Bosch eBike Systems Technical Certification
      • Shimano S-TEC

      What do you enjoy about being a mechanic?
      Hands-on experience and continually solving problems to make each bike function efficiently and well

      Where are you from?

      Road, Mountain or Gravel?

      What’s your favorite ride?
      Hall Ranch

      What’s your post ride treat?
      A cold beer!