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How TPC's Guaranteed Buyback Works

TPC is changing the game with Guaranteed Buyback. Check the current value of your bike, avoid losing money to depreciation, and quickly flip your bike for a new one every year. Certified Pre-Owned bikes with Guaranteed Buyback allow you to ride the latest and greatest.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Pro cyclists are a lucky bunch. Not because they’re genetically gifted. Not because they get paid to ride bikes. (Not bad perks though!) No, I am most envious of how pro cyclists get to ride a new bike every season.

TPC can't turn you into a world champion (that's on you), but we can give you the pro treatment by making it easier than ever to switch bikes when you're ready to try something new. If you're a racer, tinkerer, technophile, or someone who just likes getting a fresh bike every season, you'll want to get familiar with TPC's Guaranteed Buyback. 

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Improving the Experience of Buying & Selling Used Bikes: What is Guaranteed Buyback?

Guaranteed Buyback is an exclusive benefit that comes with certain high-value New and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) bikes. For any bike that is supported by our Guaranteed Buyback, we guarantee to buy back your bike up to 18 months after your purchase, provided it meets our quality criteria and the terms and conditions of the program

How Do You Know if a New or CPO Bike Qualifies for Guaranteed Buyback?

When looking at New and Certified Pre-Owned bikes at TPC, the right hand column where the "Add to Cart" button is located will have the relevant details. If a bike has qualified for Guaranteed Buyback, it will be visible in this column under the "Our Guarantee" dropdown:

TPC Guaranteed Buyback bikes

Unfortunately, not all bikes qualify for guaranteed buyback. We only offer Guaranteed Buyback on bikes that see high demand or are of a certain value. 

How Much Will TPC Offer for A Guaranteed Buyback Bike?

Your TPC Account dashboard (will will be created after you purchase a bike from TPC) gives you a clear idea of how much we'll pay to buy back your bike. This Buyback value adjusts every 3 months, but you can preview the final buyback offer after the 18 month Buyback period so you can plan ahead:

TPC Guaranteed BuybackViewing buyback value through your TPC account.

Why Guaranteed Buyback is ideal for used bikes

All bikes depreciate. Like pro riders, many industry insiders flip their personal bikes every year to stay current. The quicker you sell, the less your bike depreciates. Some folks can even swap bikes without spending much more than the initial cost of the first bike.

Guaranteed Buyback makes it easy and risk-free to sell your current bike and upgrade to a fresh ride. 

TPC WarehouseWith new bikes added daily, the options are endless.

Just like all of TPC's Sell // Trade transactions, you don’t have to go through the time-consuming hassle of listing your bike in an online marketplace and haggling with strangers. Our process is quick and easy, and the cost of upgrading to a different bike is negligible. This isn't the old way of owning a bike — it's a new way. And it’s better.

Ride your Guaranteed bike for 18 months, a year, or one month. Then, quickly and easily swap for the next bike that catches your eye. If you're like us, you want the latest tech. Every bike you own should excite you and motivate you to get out and ride. Guaranteed Buyback lets you keep the wheels turning so you can always ride a bike you're in love with.

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How to sell your bike with Guaranteed Buyback

Did you purchase a CPO or new bike from TPC supported by Guaranteed Buyback? Perfect! You don’t have to do a thing. The Guaranteed Buyback value of your bike will be updated on a monthly schedule for 18 months. You can find the value of your bike any time by logging into your account at and view your purchase by navigating to "My Bikes":

TPC Account My Bikes tab

When you’re ready, all you have to do is press the “Start Buyback” button:

Start guaranteed buyback button

Got a question? Our Ride Guides are on call to help you sell your current bike or find your next dream bike. Give them a send them an email or give them a jingle: 1-866-401-9636.