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Lowering the cost of bike ownership

By Bruce Lin


Pro cyclists are a lucky bunch. Not because they’re genetically gifted. Not because they get paid to ride bikes (though I wouldn’t turn down those perks). No, I am most envious of the fact that pro cyclists get to ride a new bike every season.

Spencer Powlison riding his road bike like a pro

Keeping up with current bike trends is tough. Every month, companies release new bikes and components that are always better than what came before. New technology and standards seem to pop up constantly, making cutting-edge bikes from only 10 years ago feel a bit outdated.

Personally, I love the manic progression of bike tech. I’m a tinkerer, always hunting for marginal gains. Nothing excites me like the latest and greatest cycling innovations. But until recently, normal folk could only sit on the sidelines and watch as new bikes came out. The privilege of getting a different bike each year was reserved only for pro riders, industry insiders, and the exceptionally wealthy.

Until now...

The Pro’s Closet is changing the game with our Guaranteed Buyback program. For the first time ever, you can buy and own bikes like a pro.

The Pro's Closet Guaranteed buyback account page
Viewing buyback value through your TPC account.

Guaranteed Buyback is our exclusive offer to anyone who purchases a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) bike. We guarantee to give you a buyback offer on your CPO bike up to 18 months after purchase, provided it meets our quality criteria and the terms and conditions of the program

All bikes depreciate. Many industry insiders flip their personal bikes every year to stay current. The quicker you sell, the less your bike depreciates. Many will go through multiple bikes in the same year without spending much more than the initial cost of the first bike. Guaranteed Buyback gives you this same power!

The pro's closet has huge bike selection
With new bikes are added daily, the bike options are endless.

You can keep your bike for 18 months, a year, or one month. Then, you can quickly and easily swap for the next bike that catches your eye. The Pro’s Closet has the world’s largest selection of high-quality pre-owned bikes. So your options are limitless. If you just want to get cash for your Guaranteed Buyback, you can do that too. (Keep in mind that cash offers will be 15% less than store credit.)

You don’t have to waste time or go through the hassle of listing your bike in an online marketplace and haggling with strangers. With The Pro’s Closet, the process is quick and easy, and the cost of upgrading to a different bike is negligible. This isn't the old way of owning a bike — it's a new way. And it’s better.

Guaranteed buyback means you love the bike your ride

If you're like us, you want the latest tech. Every bike you own should excite you and motivate you to get out and ride. Guaranteed Buyback lets you keep the wheels turning so you can always ride a bike you're in love with.

The great thing is, after buying your bike, you don’t have to do a thing. The Guaranteed Buyback value of your bike will be updated on a monthly schedule for 18 months. You can find the value of your bike any time by logging into your account at and accessing the MY CPO tab within your account. When you’re ready, all you have to do is press the “Start Buyback” button.


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