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The Seven Best Bikes for Cyclocross Season

Cyclocross is a hard, muddy, and fun way to keep racing through the autumn. You'll want a race bike designed for the rough and technical rigors of 'cross courses. Here are seven great pre-owned options.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Do you like getting dirty, being heckled, and having the time of your life? If so, cyclocross might be just the thing for you. Cyclocross racing is fun and inclusive. Plus, it is a great way to stay fit and improve your bike-handling skills.

Even if you aren’t a racer, cyclocross bikes are versatile machines perfect for everyday riding. The combination of agile handling and knobby tires allows cyclocross bikes to tackle everything — tight 'cross courses, road, gravel, and even light singletrack. If you're looking for a solid cyclocross bike this season, here are some of our current favorites.


Specialized CruX

Specialized Crux

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The Specialized CruX is all about simplicity and speed, and it eschews many of the comfort-focused compromises other cyclocross bikes make to create a lighter overall package for serious racers. It's an ultra-responsive race weapon that is competitive at any level. 

Trek Boone

Trek Boone

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The Trek Boone is ideal for anyone seeking a plusher ride. The carbon frame features Trek’s IsoSpeed system which decouples key frame junctions and adds elastomers to provide additional frame flex and compliance to reduce fatigue and increase traction on rough and bumpy terrain.

Trek Crockett

Trek Crockett

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Not ready to commit to carbon? Trek Crockett is a more affordable version of the Boone which uses a tough but lightweight aluminum frame and omits the IsoSpeed system to reduce cost. It will handle any abuse a muddy 'cross course can dish out without breaking the bank.

Giant TCX

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Giant is the world's biggest bike manufacturer and its carbon TCX is one of the best values in cyclocross. It was developed using Giant's experience on the World Cup cyclocross circuit and it's the perfect choice for those seeking pro-level performance on budget. 


Cannondale SuperX

Cannondale SuperX

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The Cannondale SuperX does it all. Massive clearance means it can tackle the absolute muddiest courses or it can fit super-wide tires to go and win Unbound Gravel (which it's done). Ultra-thin seatstays and a unique 25.4mm seatpost provide plenty of rear end flex for comfort for bumpy terrain. 

Kona Super Jake

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Kona is better-known for its trail-shredding mountain bikes and its cyclocross bikes are all imbued with the same sendy attitude. The Super Jake is a carbon version of the beloved Jake the Snake cyclocross bike, which means it is lighter, faster, and shreddier. 

All-City Nature Cross Singlespeed

All-City Nature Cross Singlespeed

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Steel is real and nothing is cooler than singlespeed 'cross. If that's what you believe, then the All-City Nature Cross is the bike for you. It's as simple as it gets with bombproof steel tubing, mechanical disc brakes, and one, glorious gear.