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Benno E-Bike Buyer's Guide: Our Favorite Commuter E-bikes

Benno Bikes have the perfect combination of fun, agility, and utility. These E-cargo bikes represent a new category called Etility. If you need the best E-bike for commuting, touring, or living car-free, look here.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Do you dream of living car-free? Or maybe you just want a convenient and fun way to commute, run errands, and get around town that will make you happier and healthier, and help save on gas. If that’s the case, then Benno Bikes has the solution.

Benno makes some of the best utilitarian E-bikes on the market, and it has a solid line-up of E-bikes that will satisfy everyone from casual cruisers to diehard cyclists. Here’s why you should consider Benno Bikes, and how to choose the right Benno E-bike for your needs. 

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Why ride Benno Bikes?

For some brands, cycling is all about competition. But Benno has a completely different perspective. With features that make it easier to carry cargo, its utilitarian E-bikes are built for riders who need a bike that can move more than just themselves. It’s not surprising since Benno Bikes is the brainchild of Benno Baenziger. 

Benno BaenzigerBenno Bikes founder Benno Baenziger. Photos courtesy of Benno Bikes.

Benno Baenziger is one of the founders of the Electra Bicycle Company. This small California brand revolutionized the industry with modern cruiser bikes. Baenziger’s goal was to get more non-cyclists, the people the industry was ignoring, interested in riding bikes. With modern cruiser that were fun, practical, and good-looking, Electra was a huge success.

Benno E-bike guideAfter Electra, Baenziger wanted to inspire and empower more even people to ride. He decided to take his vision to the next level and founded Benno Bikes in 2015. He saw a major issue with modern E-bikes. Sport-focused E-bikes offered very little utility and full-size cargo E-bikes were often too big and awkward for daily use by regular riders. This dichotomy forced riders to choose between fun and practicality. So Benno introduced a line of E-bikes that fit into a new category that Benno calls “Etility.” They combine performance, agility, and fun with the capability to carry heavy loads.

Benno Bikes Boost etilityThe compact but capable Boost showing off Benno Etility. Photos courtesy of Benno Bikes.

All Benno E-bikes are equipped with industry-leading Bosch motors that flatten hills, shorten distances, blunt headwinds, and make carrying heavy cargo a breeze. Any rider can get their cargo where they’re going while experiencing the simple joy of riding on two wheels. With a Benno E-bike, more people than ever have the option to leave their car keys behind. 

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Benno Bikes E-Bike Models

Benno E-bike guideBenno E-bike specs

Benno E-bikes are available in Class 1 and Class 3 versions.

  • Class 1 E-bikes are limited to 20 mph
  • Class 3 E-bikes are limited to 28 mph

It’s possible to go faster, but the motor will stop assisting you so you’ll have to pedal hard!

Benno bikes use pedal-assist motors, so there’s no throttle. Your speed is controlled by the pedals, so the harder you pedal, the faster you go. It feels a lot like riding a normal bike, just boosted. This type of E-bike is legal to ride on most roads and bike paths in the US (check your local laws).  

Some Benno models are available in a "step-through" variant. A step-through frame has a lowered top tube which makes the frame easier to step over when getting on and off the bike, and it allows shorter riders to straddle the frame more easily when stopped.  

Benno bikes all come with integrated front and rear lights to increase visibility and rear racks for cargo. Benno also has several optional extras like front racks, bags, and kickstands which can be added to any Benno model to suit your cargo-carrying needs. 


Benno Boost E

Benno Boost

Key features: Extended rear for more cargo space, highest gross load capacity (440lbs total)
Wheelsize: 24”
Rear weight capacity: 130lbs
Who it’s for: Riders who need maximum cargo space and weight-carrying capacity.

[product-block handle="benno-boost-e-class-3-etility-ebike-bosch-performance-line-sport-400wh-step-over-neon-orange-one-size"/]

The Boost is Benno’s original Etility bike. It can carry triple the load of a typical bike, and with the additional dual battery option, it has the range to carry everything up to 160 miles. The 24” wheels are super stiff and strong to handle heavy cargo while still maintaining manuverability. A smart, interchangeable rack and rail system that lets you set up your Boost in dozens of different possible configurations to match your cargo carrying needs and lifestyle.

Benno 46er

Benno 46erKey features: Standard-sized frame with high load capacity, front suspension fork
Wheelsize: 26” front / 24” rear
Rear weight capacity: 130lbs
Who it’s for: Riders who want an E-cargo bike the size of a “regular” bike.

The 46er can carry nearly as much weight as the Boost, but everything is fit into a frame that is the same length as a regular bike. The big difference though is the addition of a suspension fork and 26” front wheel. This provides extra comfort and control at the front, while the stronger 24” rear wheel keeps the center of gravity low and the weight capacity high.  

Benno eJoy

Benno eJoy

Key features: Vintage styling with a modern motor and components
Wheelsize: 26”
Rear weight capacity: 85lbs
Who it’s for: Riders who want a modern and practical E-bike that doesn’t skimp on style.

[product-block handle="benno-ejoy-10d-class-1-etility-ebike-bosch-active-line-plus-400wh-step-through-niagara-blue-one-size-1"/]

The eJoy combines Benno’s Etility design with the classic good looks of a vintage cruiser. It has a comfortable and upright riding position that enhances confidence and control, even while loaded up with cargo. A sturdy rack and the option to add front trays and storage bags means it’s capable of carrying double the weight of a typical bike. 

Benno eScout

Benno e-scout

Key features: Traditional touring frame style and wheel size 
Wheelsize: 27.5”
Rear weight capacity: 85lbs
Who it’s for: Riders who want an E-bike for commuting or touring that fits and handles like a traditional bike

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The eScout is the perfect commuter for those looking to leave the car at home. The classic frame design and bigger-diameter 27.5” wheels means it has the handling and comfort of a traditional touring bike. Plus, there will be a larger selection of replacement tubes and tires when needed. There are plenty of racks and mounts to load it up how you wish.  

Benno RemiDemi

Benno RemiDemiKey features: Compact frame, small-diameter tires for maneuverability 
Wheelsize: 20”
Rear weight capacity: 85lbs
Who it’s for: Riders who want a more compact and easy to maneuver E-bike that can still carry cargo.

The RemiDem breaks all the rules of how a bike is supposed to look and ride. The small 20” wheels are paired with fat, grippy tires that give it extreme maneuverability and versatility to explore different road surfaces. The frame is thick and sturdy with a low step-through design and an upright riding position. This puts you in total control so you can zip around and have fun, even when loaded up with cargo. 

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