POC VPD System Lite Elbow Guard Uranium Black

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If you started out trail riding in the early days of body armor, you probably remember what a hassle it was to wear these heavy, non-ventilated hulking protection pieces. They may have helped protect you when you did fall, but man, they were a pain in the ass the rest of the time. The POC VPD System Lite Elbow Guard is proof positive that proper protection for your limbs does not have to be more trouble than help. That’s thanks to POC’s amazing VPD technology, which essentially is a material that can feel soft and supple while providing excellent defense against the worst results of the inevitable crashes. The 3D molded VPD protection offers a European level 1 rating protection that will stand up to the usual type of trail riding wipe-outs. Since the outer fabric has been heavily reinforced, it will take multiple impacts without ripping or sustaining any damage. The interior material is made from a breathable mesh that works in unison with the ventilation openings in the VPD material to prevent your elbow and arm from overheating.
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