POC Tectal Race SPIN Bike Helmet Propylene Red/Hydrogen White

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When you are looking to upgrade your head protection on the trails, the POC Tectal Race Spin Bike Helmet offers not only durability and ventilation, but also uses POC’s special SPIN technology. The inclusion of the SPIN, or Shearing Pad Inside, helps mitigate the blunt force impact your head could suffer in the case of a crash. By absorbing the force through dissipating the rotational energy of the impact, these special silicon pads help your brain from getting too knocked around inside your skull. The reinforced EPS liner and the unibody shell construction also do their part in ensuring the integrity of the helmet, and the real protection it can offer, in spite of how nicely lightweight it feels to wear. The added practical features like the goggle clip and adjustable visor mean that this is a helmet that will be comfortable all day on the trails, giving you great peace of mind, just in case.
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