POC Ora Goggles Prismane Red drive side

POC Ora Goggles Prismane Red

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Your choice of DH goggles is arguably the second only to your choice of helmet in terms of most important safety measure to implement. Okay, maybe your guards are super important too, but if you can’t see well on a challenging or muddy downhill course, it’s game over. That’s why the POC Ora DH Goggle will be such a prized addition to your DH wardrobe. Designed to fit seamlessly with the POC Coron helmet, the goggle’s Carl Zeiss lens offers a level of crisp clarity that will make racing into and out of dark woodsy areas so much easier to deal with. And the lens has tear-off posts with the tear-off sheets included so that even in the grimiest, muddiest weather, you will have a clear field of vision. If you prefer a roll-off system, though, that is available separately. Ventilation is also key, so POC has used a vent foam to guarantee breathability and a precise fitwhile keeping rain, dust, and mud from penetrating.

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