POC Omne Air SPIN Bike Helmet Uranium Black Matt

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Why We Love It
POC make a lot of different helmets. And each one has a particular focus. The POC Omne Air Spin Bike Helmet will be a great choice for you if you are looking to have one helmet cover multiple tasks. Road rides, XC, gravel, commutes: it can do all of them equally well, look sweet, and keep your noggin expertly protected. The interior density of the helmet has been strategically enhanced in the areas that are most vulnerable in typical bike accidents. And since this Omne has the SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside) pads, if you do end up coming off, the rotational force with which your head hits any surface will be mitigated, reducing the chance of serious injury. We know, just to think about that sucks, but it's good to know you're protected in the worst case scenarios. Of course, most of the time you are wearing the helmet, you hopefully won't need the protective aspects. So things like ventilation, adjustability, and visibility take precedence. The Omne Air Spin is a winner in those areas as well since the large cutouts let the breeze clear the heat from around your head, and also offer a secure place to stow your sun glasses. The fit system allows 360° adjustment, and the wide range of very bright colors will help keep you visible even on post sunset commutes home.
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